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Aliants: The Desperate Battle For Earth!


When Earthlings decided to stop wars and explore the outer space, another menace threaten them. The Aliants species, who came from far space to conquer all and to dominate in universe. And such goal was mostly achieved by them. They conquered Earth, but some human forces were left, and you are one of them.

The game represents the story about humankind savior, you, and is divided on Arcade and Strategical parts. In the start of the game, you should approach hidden Human base "Valley Forge" and land your cruiser. To achieve this, you should in arcade mode keep crosshair in the center of the screen, while it tries to move out of the center.

After landing you should choose your origin and prove yourself in the Simulator, where you in arcade mode should burn with laser gun specific parts of the enemy starship. Completing the goal in Simulator, you will take the rank of Admiral and is ready to the main strategy part of the game.

During strategy, you, sitting in the Lexington Starship, should command your Battle Carriers on the rectangular grid map 10x10, fight with enemy ships, defend your base, and free the base captured by Aliants. It is achieved by giving orders to your units and examining their positions. You should free all captured colonies to win!


Credits (Atari ST version)

7 People

Special Effects
  • Starsoft Development Laboratories Inc.
Atari ST Programming


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