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Milo Burik is a Wheelman. He drives people around who have a need for speed and less of a need for compliance with traffic rules. Milo is also an undercover-agent sent to Barcelona to infiltrate the local underworld but he soon finds himself between the fronts of an all-out gang war between three rival groups.

The player takes on the role of Milo Burik looking over his shoulder while freely walking and driving around the city. As a Wheelman Milo doesn't just drive his car or motorcycle he also uses them as a weapon. By swinging the mouse or using one of the sticks, the player rams his car into other cars until they go up in flames. It also allows him to quickly switch lanes or ram through barricades. By destroying other vehicles, speeding and generally reeking mayhem in the city, the player also fills up his focus power which is needed for special attacks. Utilizing this power allows him to get a speed boost, get perfect aim at high speeds or perform a 180° turn, aim and destroy his chaser with one shot. But his car isn't Milo's only weapon. Pistols, machine guns and such too await to be used outside and inside cars and if his own car is about to blow up or if he just doesn't like the color anymore, he can perform an air jack. An air jack is possible once Milo's car is close enough to another car or motorcycle. After releasing the corresponding button, he then jumps over, removes the original driver and continues on his journey in his new vehicle.

All this is used to advance in the main storyline as well as in the many side-missions the player can take on. These range from Taxi-missions in which the player needs to get a passenger to his goal as fast as he can, to rampages in which destruction is everything and capture and delivery missions in which Milo needs to use his air jack ability to steal a specific vehicle and get it to the drop point in time. In common have all that at the end the player is rated based on his performance with "S" being the highest rank and "C" the lowest. If the player managed to get at least an "A" he unlocks additional missions and ultimately access to additional repair shops and weapon depots. Once unlocked the next story mission as well as every side-activity can be accessed directly from the city map on the PDA.


  • Вин Дизель Wheelman - Russian spelling
  • 無間車手 - Taiwan spelling

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  • Phantom 5
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Average score: 65% (based on 37 ratings)


Average score: 4.1 out of 5 (based on 20 ratings with 1 reviews)

True wheelman jumps from one vehicle to another on the run

The Good
Vin Diesel is best known for his roles in cool action blockbuster movies with smoking guns, fast chases, and beautiful women. All such items are present in this game as well. Set in Barcelona, events involve the traditions and characters of this nice city: female flamenko dancer, Dominican gangs, Romanian thugs and local mobsters, narrow and wide streets filled with architecture specific for this city along with underground subway. The plot of the game is simple, but it is shown with nice between-the-missions animations. The most memorable twists of the game itself are: an ability to change the cars - Vin Diesel (as Milo Burick) may jump from one vehicle to another not stopping them, and an ability to break other cars, sliding on the road.

The Bad
There is a list of the flaws:

  • Milo can't jump while he is walking/running, but he can jump from one car to another while driving;
  • Milo can't swim and fly, and there is no on-water vehicles to drive as well as in-air vehicles to pilot;
  • multiple side missions (Taxi, King of the Road, Anger, etc.) do not influence on main game plot anyhow;
  • there is no influence of Milo's character stats (experience, fatigue, endurance, etc.) as well as the stats of the cars seem unchanged with side missions successful completion;
  • some side missions may be completed successfully only with certain kinds of vehicles ("you should choose them wisely" as developers proposed), but there is no stats of the vehicles to "wisely" choose from, and the final selection is strongly based on the player's intuitive in-game experience, while driving this car or that bike;
  • there is no true love story between Milo and female flamenko dancer;
  • there is no true achievements to reach, and the re-playability of the game is extremely low.

Such flaws exist, but they do not influence the magic of the whole game strongly and may be enhanced by developers in the future releases or sequels.

The Bottom Line
The game is another GTA-clone set in Barcelona with Vin Diesel as main character. The gameplay is not boring and even funny if you like to drive the cars or bikes fast, shoot the enemies, and untwist another story about undercover "Wheelman". It may be passed fast (in two days or less) with ability to perform the side missions sometimes. Relaxing is guaranteed due to beautiful graphics, non-stop action, nice music, and memorable characters. Recommended to all GTA-oriented fans!

Windows · by POMAH (66427) · 2009


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