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DOS credits (1997)

16 people (11 professional roles, 5 thanks) with 18 credits.

Idee (Idea) Andreas von Lepel
Programmierung (Programming) Andreas von Lepel
Programmierunterstützung (Additional Programming) Heiko Schröder
Grafik (Graphics) Hartwig Nieder-Gassel, Jens Hansen
3D-Animation Michael Koch
Intro-Musik (Intro Music) Andreas Liebeskind
Leveltest (Level Testing) Henning von Bandemer
Berwertung (Evaluation) Henning von Bandemer
Koproduktion (Co-Production) Michael Kim
Audio-Tracks (Audio Tracks) Rüdiger J. Veith, Frank Müller, Yuri Sazonoff
Dank an (Thanks To) Michael Scheuch, Henrik Löhnig, Winnie Forster, Teut Weidemann, Gila Meier-Menge
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