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Rocky's Boots

aka: La Boîte à puces

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Rocky's Boots is a simple educational puzzle game where you can learn about logic circuits.

You control a nondescript square, moving it about several rooms. Each room contains basic electronic parts like AND, OR and NOT gates, flip-flops, delays and clocks. You can pick these up and combine them to build simple or complex circuits.

After a helpful tutorial, the task in the game is to build "kicking" machines: Objects of different colors move through an area and turn sensor outputs on and off. You now have to build a circuit that activates a kicking device which kicks the right objects out. When you do it just right, Rocky the raccoon dances a little jig to a joyful melody for you!

The game also features an editor where you can build you very own kicking puzzle.


Credits (Apple II version)



Game Engine

The engine of Rocky's Boots was used in several later games by The Learning Company, including Robot Odyssey and Gertrude's Secrets.


If the gameplay of Rocky's Boots feels a lot like the classic Atari 2600 game Adventure, it's no coincidence. Rocky's Boots was co-authored by Adventure programmer Warren Robinett.


  • Infoworld Magazine
    • 1982 - Software of the Year Runner-Up* Learning Magazine
    • 1983 - Software of the Year* Parent’s Choice Magazine
    • 1983 - Software of the Year* Software Publishers Association
    • 1983 - Gold Award (for selling 100,000 copies)

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