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GearHead is an anime-inspired roguelike taking place in the far future following the aftermath of a cataclysmic conflict between the Earth's governments and mega-corporations. Pilot a mecha (or giant robot) and lead a rag-tag band of companions in an effort to carve out a place for yourselves in this harsh new world.

You lead a group of companions (called a "lance") into battle versus rival groups. Additional lancemates can be recruited over time as you explore the game world. Lancemates may also leave your party if they find your actions reprehensible.

GearHead comes in both graphical and ASCII variants. Like other roguelikes, locations, encounters and starting characters are largely randomized. You can further customize your character by gaining XP, choosing skills and feats, equipping weapons and armor, and installing cyber implants.

The game plot varies based on your character's background. An arch-nemesis is automatically generated at the start of the game. A series of set encounters with this nemesis are periodically spawned leading up to a final, dramatic encounter. Based on the outcome of this encounter you either win or lose the game.

The main focus of the game, however, is the mecha-vs-mecha battles. Each mecha can be reconfigured in multiple ways by installing different equipment and body parts. There are multiple movement modes, including walking, rolling, jumping or flying. There are also a variety of weapon types, including melee, ranged and chain weapons, and weapons with additional status effects. Combat is turn-based and takes place upon a grid as per other roguelikes. Lancemates are not controlled directly, but rather are governed by their own AI. Combat is triggered either by missions or random encounters. Some missions have set objectives, such as destroying a piece of equipment or protecting a convoy. Missions are granted by different factions and award varying amounts of money and "renown". Some missions allow you to salvage remains, which you can then use to outfit your mecha.



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