3D Monster Maze


This remake of 3D Monster Maze features sound, color graphics and some extensions of the original game, such as auto-mapping (that, due to the 8-bit technology used in the game, is only working intermittently), keys needed to open the exit, and items like a tracker that shows the dino's position and a CD with the maze map.

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Based on the ZX 81 game by
Remade by
Remade for
  • 2002 Blitzcoder 8-Bit Retro competition
Original 32-bit T. Rex used as the loading screen
Original 32-bit Mr. Hyde photo used for the Ringmaster character:
  • www.amazingmodeller.com
ZX Spectrum loading sounds
Footstep sounds
  • ACG
  • Ultimate Play the Game




The game was conceived in 1981 by Malcolm Evans, who wanted to find out what the ZX81 his wife offered him for his birthday could do. After founding J.K. Greye Software with John K. Greye, the game was released early in 1982 and quickly became a classic for the ZX81. In spring 1982, Evans founded his own company, New Generation Software, and re-released the game along with further 3D and other games for the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.

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