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Toss the Turtle


Toss the Turtle is a Flash-based game, in which the player has to launch a turtle from a canon and make it travel as much distance as possible. While airborne, the turtle can be controlled with the WASD keys, either to be relaunched by letting it hit explosives or creatures, or to avoid obstacles like a spiked wall. The player also has a projectile weapon with limited ammunition, with which he can shoot the turtle up in the sky and a one-use jet pack.

After the flight, the player receives money, the amount being dependent on the distance travelled, objects hit, and money bags collected. This money can be used in the shop to upgrade the cannon, weapon or jet pack, or buy a chest bomb or nuclear thingy.

The game also sports achievements (e.g. having travelled a total of 50 miles) of which some give bonuses.

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Toss the Turtle by
  • Foreverkul
  • Gonzo
Music provided by
  • Maestro Rage SFX by respective owners
Sponsored by
  • Newgrounds



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