Another Day at Work: Wednesday

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Another Day at Work: Wednesday is an open ended sequel to Epic Banana's previously released A Day at Work. Players once again take the role of Tom, an employee at Office Inc., and guide him through a typical day in his small, self-contained town. Whether Tom chooses to live the life of a law-abiding, office going citizen or an unruly, nihilistic member of society is entirely in the hands of the player. Due to the nature of the game there are no goals to accomplish, nor can the player win or lose, and thus the game does not end unless Tom is killed.

Gameplay is largely grounded in exploration of the city, which is broken up into numerous individual fixed screens, and interactions with the environment and objects therein. Unlike the majority of open world titles, Wednesday strongly emphasizes the copiousness of interactions over any sizable physical scale. As such, while there are only sixteen buildings and three main streets in the game's city, there tends to be a high concentration of interactive objects and multiple solutions to scenarios and problems the player might come across. Because of this approach, many of the actions that the player takes in one area will effect the possibilities available in other sections of the city. For example, calling your work with a bomb threat will result in its temporary closure, limiting the player's possible sources of income.

At the top of the screen is a status bar which provides an overview of Tom's present condition. This provides the player with information about how healthy he is, how much money he's carrying, how hungry he might be, the time of day, and the contents of his inventory. At any given time he can carry only one object and one weapon in his inventory, although the items he might have are almost always temporary or of a single use. If the player fails to keep Tom fed he'll begin randomly collapsing, which reduces his health. If his health runs out, Tom dies.

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Another Day at Work: Wednesday was never finished by its creator and remained unreleased for a number of years until the source files were compiled and made publicly available by a fan of the developer. Because of this there is an unusually high number of glitches, although none of them appear to be show-stopping. A number of the areas in the town are also unfinished, particularly in the south, and so the game is more limited than was originally intended. Integer counters meant to track in-game variables are also visibly scattered arbitrarily, though unobtrusively, throughout areas of the game, likely as a convenience when testing.


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