Jurassic: The Hunted

aka: Jurassic Hunter
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Jurassic: The Hunted is a first-person shooter where the players controls weapons and survival expert Craig Dylan. In 1983 an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle disappeared, but almost 30 years later the daughter of Dr. Sayrus, one of the original members, receives the S.O.S. transmission of the long lost team. Dylan is a part of the team hired to investigate, but their plane is struck by a storm and all members need to parachute down, where they are sucked into mysterious energy portals. Craig Dylan suddenly finds himself on an island filled with dinosaurs.

The environment is filled with dense jungle, fortifications and volcano areas. Players need to fight thirteen different types of dinosaurs such as the velociraptor, pterosaur, triceratops, tyrannosaurus and many more. Aside from the straightforward shoot-em-up gameplay, Dylan also has access to an Adrenaline Burst that slows down all the action for more accurate shots. It also lights up the dinosaurs' weak spots in a bright color. The thirteen weapons at his disposal range from a civil war rifle, to crossbows with explosive arrows and even a futuristic plasma rifle. There are also a number of stationary turrets to ward off large hordes.

Next to the regular story mode with twelve levels in total, there is a survivor mode where the player can go against an endless wave of dinosaurs. During the regular mode scattered pieces of a new weapons can be found and when it is fully assembled it becomes available in the survivor mode.

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Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 11 ratings with 1 reviews)

For a budget game... it's actually quite good!

The Good
First off, the graphics are very pretty, and portray a truly primeval landscape, full of some quite realistic dinosaurs (Except for ones mentioned in the what I didn't like section), which are animated quite well. Like, they move like real dinosaurs. The sounds you hear from them are some stock sounds (which fit quite well some of the time). The weapons are depicted quite well, and they sounds realistic. The music is fitting, but could've been better. The Additional "Survivor" Mode is almost exactly like the "Nazi Zombies" mode from "Call of Duty: World at War". The achievements are quite funny (and easy!), and some also make references to pop-culture (e.g. The secret Achievement that you get when you die from a Dino Maul, "Clever Girl"). The Unlockables are pretty good, but i'm not going to spoil them.The "Adrenaline mode" is pretty neat. When activated, it shows the vital organs of the Dinosaurs, and when you shoot them in the Lungs for example (Their Brains are too small to make an effective headshot lol) you give the dinosaurs extra damage, and it's always satisfying to kill a raptor with a single shotgun blast using it. And of course, the Boss fights are EPIC (Especially the Spinosaurus Fight near the end!).

The Bad
But alas, like all budget games, there are bad things. Most of the weapons, despite being good, are directly (and COMPLETELY) recycled from Cauldron HQ's (The Developers of this Jurassic: The Hunted) previous game, "Soldier of Fortune: Payback". Some of the dinosaurs are portrayed inaccurately (e.g. Raptors with no feathers, Dilophosauruses that are smaller and spit poison, complete with a frill, Toothed Pteranodons etc). The Game is quite linear, and the barricade parts of levels can get quite challenging for new players, and the worst part of all, the voice acting and story. Although the general idea is good, there are some pretty dumb plotholes (e.g. a British scientist changing into a Black German after 30 years, a Spinosaurus that kills a FULLY HEATHLY T-Rex, despite the Spino just got a large overdose of lead and rockets etc). The Voice acting is pretty awful, especially the now infamous line "What the Foxtrot?". Also, the game is relatively short, as a really good player could beat it in about 4 hours. And the lack of a multiplayer mode is kinda disappointing.

The Bottom Line
Overall, this game is really not bad (Which is saying alot, due to it's budget title status). Most people will automatically be put off just by the name (Which, yes I admit, is a little lacking in creativity), or automatically assume that it's a Turok Ripoff (Which, despite being quite similar, isn't a ripoff). I would HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who loves FPS games and Dinosaurs.

Xbox 360 · by James Burnside (44) · 2009



The game's engine was developed in-house at Cauldron and it is called CloakNT.


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