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Star Trek: D-A-C

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Star Trek: D-A-C is an arcade top-down viewed space shooter game, that is inspired by the 2009 Star Trek movie. Your mission is simple: destroy everything that moves. You can choose a ship from five different classes, from a flagship to a bomber. While flagships have powerful weapons and moves slowly, bombers moves fast but have weak weapons.

The game has four gameplay modes: Survival Mode, Deathmatch, Assault and Conquest. All modes can be played online or in single player mode against bots. When playing survival mode you must stay alive as long as possible. After each stage is cleared you will travel to the next one. In deathmatch you compete against another team in a race which will end when one of the teams gets 50 kills. In assault and conquest modes, there are checkpoints that you must capture and defend. Player can choose to play as either the Starfleet or the Romulan side.

During gameplay some enemies leave orbs behind which the player can collect and get more shield or weapon power. When the player's ship gets shot down, he has a short time to eject and escape from the battle.

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Prior to the game's release, the developers coyly would not disclose what "DAC" actually stood for. It was later revealed to represent three of the major game modes: Deathmatch, Assault, and Conquest.


  • Gamespot
    • 2009 - Worst Use of a Great License (Editor Choice Awards)

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