The Addams Family

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The Addams Family™

They do what they wanna do...

But not now that they've been evicted!

Morticia, Lurch, Granny, Pugsley and Wednesday have gone back to their creepy abode to regain possession.

say what they wanna say...

But not now that they've disappeared!

As Gomez you must find your loopy loved ones in their spooky mansion house.

play how they wanna play...

But watch out for Tully - he plays mean.

Tully is the treacherous lawyer intent on stealing the family fortune and who has many a dirty trick up his sleeve.

dance how they wanna dance...

And you'll be shakin', rattlin' and rollin' when the spikes, monsters and ghosts save the last one for you! If you solve the puzzles and follow the clues you might just save the Addams Family so that they can...

live like they wanna live!


Advert in Commodore Format (Issue 20 May 92 Back Page) – UK

Contributed by FatherJack.

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