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Tenshitachi no Gogo: Tenkōsei


In this installment of the Tenshitachi no Gogo series, the protagonist is a male high-school student named Hayato. He was recently transferred to a new school, far away from his home. As in most other Tenshitachi no Gogo games, the story mainly depicts various encounters and conversations with female schoolmates and other girls Hayato meets in the city; the "goal" is to have sex with as many as possible.

Compared to earlier Tenshitachi no Gogo games, Tenkōsei has simpler gameplay. The verb command menu has been drastically reduced; a typical screen contains only three or four basic commands ("Look", "Talk", "Think", "Move"), sometimes even less. There are also less objects in the sub-menus. The story advances in a more linear fashion. There are also no dead ends, even though choices are sometimes offered to the player.


  • 天使たちの午後 転校生 - Japanese spelling

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