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Scrap Metal is a top-down car-combat game in the vein of Death Rally with intensive use of weapons. It features a story-mode (with 60 missions) including boss fights as well as local multiplayer and Xbox Live online matches for up to 4 players. Additional cars and weapons can be unlocked throughout the story mode by wrecking opponents. This adds their cars to the player's junkyard. From there the player can select up to four cars to put in a car pool. Cars can be customized aesthetically, but also technically through upgrades paid for with points earned throughout the races. Cars are divided in different classes based on their statistics and sometimes a specific class of car needs to be used for a race. It is possible to put a car back in the junkyard and exchange it for another one previously collected.

Tracks feature shortcuts and jumps, and power-ups such as nitro boosts, health, repairs, and extreme firepower. All of the cars have a standard weapon, such as a machinegun, rocket launcher, shotgun or energy ray, as well as melee weapons such as blades or weapons used to push other cars out of the way. There are 20 different vehicles to choose from. The different types of missions include regular races, elimination races, derbies, and small arenas similar to those of Destruction Derby. There are also tracks where the player needs to escort another vehicle or target a specific enemy in a race.

The game offers two ways of controlling the cars. First, a directional steering sending the car in the very direction the analog stick is pointed at, and secondly a traditional left/right steering as one can find it in regular racing games.

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Average score: 71% (based on 11 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 3 ratings with 1 reviews)

Another car combat game? Bring it on!

The Good
Scrap Metal is a fun car combat game. You will start the Single Player campaign with a rather dickey car. There are several stages from which only the first one is available at the beginning. Each stage holds different missions and your goal will be to finish each mission at least with a bronze medal. Some levels within a stage, however, are boss fights or motorcade missions where you will have to protect a target. Here there will be only death or victory.

As you manage to get a medal by completing a mission you will be given upgrade points depending on a race’s result, varying from 10 to 30 points. You will have to spend these points to upgrade your ride to stay competitive as the difficulty increases slightly. The overall speed, grip, armor and weapon of a car can be upgraded. In addition you can spend points on buying Nitro charges for your car. But these can be found on the track throughout a race as well.

Missions vary from usual races (with or without weapons) to demolition derbies where you will have to try to shoot as many cars as possible during a given time period. The mixture of mission design is nothing really new but it helps to refresh the experience as you progress through the game.

At least once in a stage, you will be challenged by an opponent. Win these kinds of races to add their car to your car pool. However, only four cars may be in your car pool at a time. You can switch cars that you have earned afterwards; all upgrade points will be lost however.

Each car comes with a fixed weapon. You are not able to change the weapon; your only way is to upgrade the existing one. Some cars come with ranged weapons like machine guns, shotguns and grenade launchers while other have melee weapons (chainsaw, hydraulic bumpers) attached to their chassis.

If you have completed enough missions in a stage, another stage will unlock. That is basically how to progress though the game. Net the missions and cars, upgrade them and move on. Some missions will require a certain car to be played. At times, you will have to come back later as you simply don’t have that kind of car yet. If you are up to complete the game at 100%, which includes a Gold medal for every mission of course, you will have to try several missions over and over again. I found it rewarding however. Not only because of the MS Gamerscore that awaits the 100% folks, but also because the game is very challenging when you are that ambitious. You might have to change your strategy or your choice of cars to get the Gold medal for a certain mission.

Scrap Metal has some solid looks for an Xbox Live Arcade game. There is a nice level of detail to be found around the cars. The nice track design, weapons effects and explosions underline the arcade action feel of the game and it keeps going smoothly no matter how many cars you are wrecking at the same time.

Lots of reviews out there complain about the controls of the game. It offers two ways of controlling a car, which is to point the analog stick in the direction you want the car to go to or a direct control as you will find it in every racing game out there. Obviously some are finding both options to be not precise enough. I have found a middle way for myself, and I can tell you that it works just great, given that this is an arcade car combat game. I chose the direct control for racing events so I can corner more precisely. The other option is way better when it comes to combat however. Especially when you are not driving a monster truck, you will get pushed be other cars, causing your car to spin or flip. The easiest way to get my car back on track after that is to simply push the analog controller in the directing I want to go to – it is as simple and effective as that.

The Bad
It is essential to upgrade your car in this game. And I think this is where Scrap Metal gives away most of its potential. Despite upgrading my car in the four given categories I would have rather been given the choice to choose from a list of parts to be packed into my car. While this might not be so important on the speed and grid stats it would have been great to choose a weapon mounted on top of my car. The limitation of only four cars within my motor pool is a pain if you are trying to complete earlier stages later in the game. This problem could have been avoided...

Another annoying thing is the price of 1200 Microsoft Points one has to spend to play the game. I think the game is worth it but I also think that it will keep a serious amount of gamers from buying the game.

The Bottom Line
This game is certainly one of my new favorites on Xbox Live Arcade. Simply because I loved to play games like Death Rally, Micro Machines or Twisted Metal. If you feel the same way, Scrap Metal will be your game. The combat part of the game is essential, so you better look someplace else if you are just looking for another arcade racer.

Xbox 360 · by Hammerlore (703) · 2010


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