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Windows credits (1998)

79 people (72 professional roles, 7 thanks) with 116 credits.

Zombie VR, Seattle, WA

Directors Mark Long, Joanna Alexander, Warren Katz, John Morison
Producer John E. Williamson
Lead Artist Richard Starr
3D-Models Richard Starr, Tony Gale, WXP Inc., John E. Williamson
Map Textures Richard Starr
Additional Map Textures WXP Inc.
Sprites & GUI Richard Starr, John E. Williamson
Terrain Patrick Moynihan, John E. Williamson
Audio Roland Barker, John E. Williamson
Music Roland Barker
GUI-Design Patrick Moynihan
Game Design John E. Williamson
Missions & Game-Fiction John E. Williamson, MAK Technologies Cambridge MA
Game Lead Rob Faucher
3D-Engine Paul Cummings
Physical/Damage-Models Ryan Smith
Lead Erik Felton
Multiplayer-Code Satish Bhatti, Andy Hendrickson
Lobby-Server Andy Hendrickson
AI Tim Langevin, Nate Combs
Terrain-Modeling Steve Chandler (Viewpoint Datalabs), Paul Cummings
Sound-Engine Rob Faucher
Mission-Editor Rob Faucher, Erik Felton
Setup Erik Felton
Conversation-Utilities Nate Combs, Paul Cummings
Video-Playback Rob Faucher
Additional 3D-Models Evan Torchin

Interactive Magic

VP External Development Ray Rutledge
Producer Marc Racine
Production Marketing Manager Vince Matthews
Quality Assurance Mark Moormans
QA-Coordinator Sean McDaniels
Internal QA-Test-Team Joe Allen, Mike Pearson, James Cowgill, Jean-Paul Berard, Jeremy Bowers, Anthony Lazaro, Becky Starling, Carlin Gartrell, Denham Hardman, Chris Gardner, Chuck Rice, Dave Hefner, Joey Luther
External QA-Test-Team Jim Pedicord, Aubrey Mason, Fred Glazier, Ed Lynch, Joe Anstett, David G. Pastula, Paul Adkins, Terry Yingling, Peter Lenton, Will Fuller, Kevin Thomas, Douglas Heneghan

Manuals (english)

Manual John E. Williamson, Todd Rowan, Harold Gross, Mitch Caves, Justin Williamson
Manual-Editor John E. Williamson, Todd Rowan
Manual-Graphics John E. Williamson, Patrick Moynihan
Research John E. Williamson, Justin Williamson, Mark Long, Tim Langevin, Paul Cummings, Mitch Caves
Manual and Layout Karen Brown, Scriptorium Publishing Services Inc.
Manual-Production Lorraine B. Elder, MetroGnome Inc.


Video John E. Williamson
Compression Smacker, Uses Smaker Video Technology, Copyright © 1994-1998 by RAD Game Tools Inc., John E. Williamson, Rob Faucher
Voices & Cast Julie Pock, Mitch Caves, Mark Hauge, Tony Gale
Special Thanks To U.S. Army, National Guard, Ft. Benning GA, Ft. Bliss TX, Ft. Lewis WA, General Dynamics Land Systems, SIMNET

Interactive Magic Deutschland

Product Management Germany Volker Winter
Marketing Manager Germany Frank Michaelis
Total Project Lead Germany Klaus Starke
Localization (German Version) Weltenschmiede Studios, Harald Evers, Dirk Dürholz
Manual Design & Layout (German Version) IDEE Werbegestaltung, Andreas Ballhaus
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