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Attack of the Dust Bunnies


In the game, you play as Klink, a robot vacuum cleaner that has a mission of cleaning the house of all of the dust bunnies that have taken over various rooms of the house. To eliminate the various types of dust bunnies, you must tap (or tap and drag your finger) each dust bunny on the screen - this targets the dust bunny and forces Klink to shoot a pine solvent missile at the enemy. If you tap the right or left side of the screen, you are able to move the camera a bit in that direction to reveal more of the area you are trying to clean (and more dust bunnies). When dust bunnies appear in the parts of the level that are off screen, an alarm sounds warning you that you should move the camera to reveal more dust bunnies.

Each level consists of a different room in a house. In order to complete a level and move on to the next, you must complete each levels objective. Objectives consist of various tasks such as killing a certain number of dust bunnies, defeating a boss dust bunny, and killing dust bunnies with a certain type of weapon. The game also has 2 different game modes - Campaign, where you progress level by level, and Survivor mode where you try to last in a single level as long as possible.

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