Ace Ventura

aka: Ace Ventura: Detective de Mascotas, Ace Ventura: Psi Detektyw, Danger. Babes. Butt yodeling. It's all in a day's work., Große Gefahren. Schöne Frauen. Schlechte Manieren - Alles inklusive, Niebezpieczeństwo. Niezłe laski. Jodłowanie tyłkiem. Oto jeden dzień pracy.
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Ace Ventura is an adventure game based on TV cartoon Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. You play an animal-detective, who helps animals in trouble. Travel from Alaska via the magic land Vulcania to Bavaria in this comic adventure, that also contains some action elements.

The game resembles Leisure Suit Larry in the way it treats adult material: there's no explicit nudity or pornographic scenes, but the dialogues, the jokes, the actions and the thoughts of the animal-loving hero go certainly in this direction.

The interface in the game is very simple. You make Ace walk around by clicking on the screen, and tell him to interact with objects by clicking on them. At any time, Ace can access his watch, where settings can be changed and the game saved. Some puzzles are classic "use item on item" adventure fare, but there are lots of action mini-games.


  • Эйс Вентура - Russian spelling

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Average score: 59% (based on 16 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 26 ratings with 2 reviews)

cool, funny and short...

The Good
Ace Ventura is a cartoon adventure starring the wacky cartoon character of the same name which was popularized by a Jim Carrey movie. The game features excellent animation and some hilarious voice acting.

The Bad
Ace Ventura is ultimately little more than an average adventure game that's disappointingly short and easy

The Bottom Line
The game is hilarious, colorful and fun. If you love Ace this game is a must for you.

Windows · by Daniel Albu (248) · 2003

Crazy detective on the trail of good humor

The Good
Ace Ventura - "Pet Detective", is an interesting movie character. Mix Doctor Doolittle, patient from psychiatric hospital, and the classical clichés schemes detective still entertains. And not just in the movies - game is very funny! rem. This is classic adventure point'n'click. Ave Ventura, detective from movies has some new adventures. In game, we can see new places (for example, Nautilus - Captain Nemo's submarine .Now submarine fell into the hands of Frenchman who has extreme megalomania.) A little bit of puzzles included in the game. This is a common task for adventure, in the form of the "find the item / use the object in a certain place" Puzzles generally are of the high level, and are quite "logical", of course, if the use of electric eel as a power source is logical. Dialogues are really worth listening. Ace always says something funny, anyway, the other characters we meet are also unusual. In addition, there are guest starring well-known individuals from the film - grumpy owner of the apartment rented by Ventura, or hippie friend, commissioned him with the mission via the Internet. In addition, Ace has a monkey - pet sometimes helps, but it has no character of typical cooperation. At last, I like graphic in Ace - the game still looks great despite 17 years

The Bad
Just three minuses I see in this game. List is short:

1 I really don't like Ace's polish voice, is exaggerated and EXTREMELY annoying.

2 Some riddles in the game are to wacky. In some places do not always know what to do.

3 Game has arcade elements. they are quite simple, but cannot be avoid. I play point and click, right? This means I don't want see skill elements.

Disadvantages are not large - game is still very funny - but little disturb.

The Bottom Line
Ace Ventura is a very good adventure - practically time doesn't work.

I recommend game to all fans of the genre. Go with a monkey to save endangered animals, laughing at the same time. Too bad the game did not get a sequel.

Windows · by 666gonzo666 (67769) · 2013


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