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PlayStation 2 credits (2004)

38 people (19 professional roles, 19 thanks) with 41 credits.

Arcade Team

Director & Lead Programmer Carlo Perconti
3D & 2D Graphic - Focusdesign CO.,LTD Makoto Higuchi, Hiroyuki Nakashima
Soundtrack & SFX - DuneSound Studio Michel Golgevit, Olivier Rabat
Q.A. Department Shingo Hori, Carlo Perconti, Ryoco Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Nakashima

Console Team

Producer Carlo Perconti
Lead Console Programmer Dragan Nestorosky
Console Technical Support Frédéric Zimmer
Additional Graphic Danielle Lacassagne
Special Thanks Koichi Ota, Shingo Hori, Shingo Kuwana, Hitomi, Junko, Andy in Japan, Sonoko, Shinsaku, Fumiko, Kobayashi san, Hiromi, Dave, Sirus, Alexia, Michael

Metro3D Credits

President Andy Law
Deputy Vice President Chris Allcroft
Sales Manager Chris LeGrande

Conspiracy Entertainment Europe Credits

CEO Michael Hayward
VP Sales Howard Newmark
Executive Producer Andrew Kennedy

Conspiracy Entertainment Corporation Credits

President Sirus Ahmadi
Executive Producer Dave Hoffman
Asst. Graphic Designer Saundra Vo
Special Thanks Leland Mah, Danny Kolker, Keith Tanaka, Hiromi Kesamaru
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