In memoriam, Donald Sutherland

Toy Commander

aka: Gutherman, Totsugeki! Teketeke!! Toy Ranger
Moby ID: 4819

Dreamcast credits (1999)

29 people (26 professional roles, 3 thanks) with 45 credits.

Creative Director Frédérick Raynal
Art Director Didier Chanfray
Original Idea Didier Chanfray
Technical Director Serge Plagnol
Executive Producer David Chomard
Missions Design Lionel Chaze, David Chomard
Script Coding Lionel Chaze, David Chomard, Pascal Dubois, Alain Jarniou, Hugues Tardif
Project Manager Frantz Cournil
Physics, dynamics, algorithmic Cédrick Collomb
Libraries, Tools Pascal Dubois
Libraries, optimisation Sébastien Viannay
Game design Lionel Chaze, Didier Quentin
Resources Control Lionel Chaze
Animation Arnaud Lhomme, Awen Limbourg, Paul-Henri Michaud
Additional Programming Awen Limbourg
Real time 3D intro Alain Jarniou
Main Programmer Frantz Cournil
Internal Test Romain Chavanne, Eddie Javelle, Hugues Tardif
3D Computer Artists for cut sequences and graphic design Benoit Boucher, Merlin Pardo, Ludovic Rubin, Frédéric Taquet
Vehicles, characters, special Fx's Arnaud Lhomme
2D artist for background design and menus Sabine Morlat
Marketing Support Sabine Morlat
Additional concept artist Yaél Barroz
Music Philippe Vachey
Sound Fx's Philippe Vachey
Texts Didier Quentin
Quality Assurance Jérôme Roseau
Micro Computer Manager Jérôme Roseau
Accountings Véronique Palmier
Special Thanks To Tom Miley, David Nulty, Valérie Rochereau
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