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Kabuki Ittōryōdan


Kabuki Ittōryōdan is set in the Tengai Makyō universe, and is a spin-off of Fūun Kabuki Den. There is no actual story in the game; various characters from Fūun Kabuki Den, headed by the charismatic actor/world-savior Kabuki Danjuro himself, fight each other for no apparent reason - even the "scenario mode" allows the player to choose any of the eight available characters, putting him/her against friends and foes alike, one by one.

The characters are a mixture of protagonists, villains, and support characters from Fūun Kabuki Den's, including the heroes Kabuki, Okuni, and Zeami, as well as the villains Kikugorou and Garp, and - naturally! - the recurrent stupid ape Mantou.

Beside the scenario mode, there is also a Vs. mode, which is basically a two-player mode, allowing two players to fight against each other as any of the eight characters; and a so-called "Life Attack" mode, which randomly chooses AI-controlled opponents for a player-selected character.

Kabuki Ittōryōdan plays like a typical fighting game, the two basic moves being a kick and a punch; other moves are unique for each character and involve strong melee moves or magic-like ranged attacks. For example, Kabuki is able to attack with a sword, while Okuni can set her opponents on fire.


  • カブキ一刀涼談 - Japanese spelling

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Credits (TurboGrafx CD version)

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Original Work (原作)
Artist (絵師)
Producers (プロデューサー)
Danjūrō Kabuki (カブキ団十郎)
Okuni (阿国)
Zeami (世阿弥)
Push Fujiyama (プッシュ富士山)
Kikugorō (菊五郎)
Manto X (マントーX)
Mikoshi (みこし)
Jingorō (甚五郎)
Garp (ガープ)
Rada-Em-Anc (ラダエムアンク)
Program (プログラム)
Sprite Graphics (グラフィック SPR)
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