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Admiral Graf Spee

aka: Almirante Graf Spree


In this early naval simulation the player assumes the role of the captain of the Admiral Graf Spee, one of the fastest ships in the German side during World War II. Your mission is to patrol the South Atlantic and disrupt allied transport routes as much as possible. Enemy vessels appear as blinking dots in the map, and once the Graf Spee is in the area you have to match the course and speed of the enemy as closely as possible. After a while, the enemy, which can range from easy prey such as cargo ships to hard as nails battleships, will become within range and you will be able to engage. After several successful engagements the Altmark supply ship will appear to replenish your fuel and ammo and carry out small repairs on your ship.

Depending on the player's skill, several endings are available. The high brass are willing to let you retire with full honors if you sank enough enemy ships for them, but the allied side will do anything they can to sink your ship. And if things take a turn for the worse you can always emulate the historical fate of the ship.


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Release history

The game was often included in the free gamepack that accompanied new Amstrad CPCs.

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