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Dead Runner

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Fun to play every once in a while

The Good
The goal is pretty simple, you're in a dark, "creepy" forest and you run. The goal is to get as far as you can or to get the most points (which you get by getting as far as you can and picking up orbs on the way). It's simple and fun.

It has some pretty good graphics for a game you play on a phone. I didn't even get irritated by the fact that the same six obstacles are constantly recycled every five steps and that it looks like a big Flintstones-driving-sequence because it just looks good.

The game has some achievements in it which is also impressive for an Android game. The achievements are not the most creative ones in the world, but they are decent.

It is kind of fun to watch the game try its utmost best to be scary.

The Bad
The game isn't scary at all, that is unless you are four years old. This would have been solved if the game gave you the impression something is actually following you because now it just looks like I am practicing for a marathon in a random forest.

If you play the Points mode you need to pick up orbs, it may sound easy, but if you want to pick up a orb you need to be precise and I mean very precise. If you don't go straight through the orb, it doesn't count.

The game is not meant for long sessions, so most of the time my cause of death wasn't the difficulty, but my boredom. Sometimes the game decides to cheat and throw an entire wall of obstacles right in front of your face, that often killed me as well.

The Bottom Line
This game is fun in the same way my old 8-bit NES games are fun. The goal is simple and if you bored you can just play it for a while. It's not like most console and PC games that you play for a full hour and that is fine you know. Dead Runner is just a fun game to carry around with you and if you can forgive the flaws I mentioned then you may want to check it out.

Android · by Asinine (956) · 2011

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