Gemini Rue

aka: Boryokudan Rue, Gemini Rue: Verschwörung auf Barracus
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Gemini Rue is a moody adventure set in the far future. The game opens with a scene in a futuristic surgery room where a patient is having his memory wiped. That character is called Delta-Six and he is locked up in some sort of hospital. The player will need to control him to discover the environment. Another slice of the story deals with Azriel Odin. He is a former assassin and arrives in the rain-drenched city of Pittsburg on the Colony of Barracus, part of the Gemini System. He has a meeting with a certain Matthius Howard and the player has to arrange this. Pittsburgh is in the tight grip of a crime gang known by the name Boryokudan. The entire game is split up in different scenes where the player controls either the prisoner or Azriel. When a scene has been completed, the perspective moves to the other character and eventually their paths converge. During the course of the game other characters can also be controlled sometimes, temporarily.

The game is controlled in the classic point-and-click tradition. Characters are guided around the environment using the mouse and when a certain object or character can be interacted with, the name is shown in text. Clicking them reveals an inventory to use an object or four commands: eye (examine), hand (use), speech balloon (talk) and foot (kick). Inventory use is limited as the player does not need to combine items in the inventory and no more than ten items are carried at any time. Items inside the inventory can be examined to reveal additional information.

Puzzles consist of dialogue trees where the correct conversation path needs to be chosen, environment puzzles and item puzzles. There is also one more difficult puzzle where a sequence needs to be formed in a console, but some hints are provided for that. There are a number of features that distinguish it from similar games. Azriel has access to the Communicator device. He uses it to talk to Kane, a friend who is in a space ship that orbits the planet. Kane can arrange a number of things and also provides clues during conversations to further the story. The Communicator also stores notes with important information, names of characters and has a phone function to get in contact with a number of people. After locating an identity card Azriel can access terminals. These contain news items, a database of locations and characters (useful to look up phone numbers and home addresses) and a map of the city. Personal identity cards can also reveal diary entries and profile information.

Both characters can die during the game. There is both a manual and an automatic save system. Automatic saves are triggered before entering a dangerous situation. Both Azriel and Delta-Six have access to a shooting and cover system. They will sometimes find themselves in a standoff with enemies. Players use keys on the keyboard to take cover, lean left or right, and reload. In fights with multiple targets the opponent to aim at can be chosen. Players need to wait until an enemy stops shooting, quickly pop out and fire. It also incorporates a focus system where a character can concentrate to perform a head shot and take out an opponent quicker. The difficulty of the game's rare combat moments can be adjusted in the options.

Another unusual element is the ability to move certain items (usually crates of boxes) to reposition them. A character can then climb on top to grab a high object. During a certain portion of the game the player can switch between Azriel and Delta-Six using a portrait in the top right corner. That function is not used to cooperate in the same environment, but rather to offer the player a distraction with one character when you are clueless about proceeding for the other one. When the scene is completed for one character, the portrait disappears and the other scene needs to be completed. During certain sequences NPCs can be asked to follow you and cooperate in another location. All characters are voiced and portraits appear during conversations.


  • Gemini Rue. Заговор на Барракусе - Russian spelling

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Average score: 82% (based on 58 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 39 ratings with 1 reviews)

Great adventure game with awful graphics

The Good
The basic story is about a futuristic organization that kidnap and reprogram people to do their bidding, while the story is extremely unoriginal (To me it reminded of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse and Firefly) it still well written and even surprising toward the end.

The interface is a classic point and click, in addition the player could move boxes and stand on them and could took control over other characters and using them to interact with the hot spots in the screen.

The puzzles are not hard and new players should have a problem with them after some thought, fortunately they also good enough to keep interested the more experienced players.

The Bad
The main problem with this game is its awful graphics that looks like it was made over twenty years ago, in fact sometime it doesn't even look like a VGA graphics.

I know the argument that what important in an adventure game is the plot and puzzles and I tend to agree with it, however I think the graphics must have some minimum level bar of quality level and sadly this game is beneath it.

I know that "Wadjet Eye Games" is a small company and I don't expect them to have the most up to date and awesome graphics. However they should get pass using the AGS engine, which after all was meant to be used by amateurs to produce free games, and work with something that could produce better graphics quality. After all they DO sell their games.

The Bottom Line
Great adventure game with great plot and puzzles, if you don't mind the sub standard graphics you should pick it up.

Windows · by Ingsoc (1366) · 2011


Developer References

While looking for a way into the Boryokudan headquarters, you can mention a number of names to the doorman. Four of these are game developers known for working on AGS games:* Andrew MacCormack * Eric Feurstein * Erin Robinson * Vince Wesselman

Game References

During a certain scene you need to select one of five available crates. You can easily exhaust all options, but any adventure fan should spot that PQ-1, SQ-2, LSL-5 and MI-2 will be empty crates.

Hidden Anime Characters

The game contains four hidden characters from the Cowboy Bebop anime series. They are:* Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV and Ein * Faye Valentine * Jet Black * Spike Spiegel


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    • 2011 – Adventure Game of the Year


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