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Faxion Online


Faxion Online is a Free 2 Play PVP (Player vs Player) MMO game where players with lots of gaming time can play against players with limited game time with the assistance of RMT (real money transaction) for increased leveling assistance. The overarching game theme is waring factions of Heaven vs. Hell who fight for control over the 7 Deadly Sins. Purgatory City is the only zone that allows a pvp-free experience for social gathering and guild vs guild taunting.

Contested battles center around capture points similar to Team Fortress 2, with players collecting points for their factions which are added to the pool of points at the end of the match. The faction with the most points gain controls of that zone for their faction.

Faxion Online builds itself as having a unique spells ranking system. Players can queue up their abilities and each spell will mature over time into a more powerful spell. This micromanagement allows for game time on and off the battlefield. On top of the abilities system, Players can multi-class between the 3 main classes, Crusader/Reaver, Diviner/Occultist and Guardian/Zealot.

Credits (Windows version)

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Studio Head
Creative Director | Dir. of Product Development
Art Director
Technical Director
Associate Producer
Lead Environment Artist
Lead Programmer
Animation and Rigging Lead
Environment Artist
Senior Visual Effects Artist
Senior Character Artist
Weapon Artist
User Interface Artist
Senior Game Systems Designer
Senior Designer
World Designer
Game System Designer
Combat Designer
Game Designer
Client Graphics Programmer
Gameplay Programmer
Systems & Interface Programmer
Client / Server Programmer
Build Engineer
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