Vampire Night

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The legend has existed for centuries. Very few have survived to tell their account of terror. But we know, the Vampire is real. Grab a friend and the GunCon2 and experience the bone-chilling shoot'em up action. Namco puts you in the role of the vampire hunter. Improved over the arcade version, Vampire Night for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system also includes a special training mode, an adventure mode, and other hidden features for players to unlock. Can be purchased with or without the GunCon 2.


  • 吸血鬼之夜 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Published by
  • Namco Hometek Inc.
Developed and Designed by
  • Namco Limited
  • SEGA
  • WOW Entertainment
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Assistant Marketing Manager
Public Relations Manager
Quality Assurance Manager
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Manual Design
  • Ino Communications Inc.
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Average score: 70% (based on 19 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings with 2 reviews)

Good, but not House of the Dead good.

The Good
The PS2 really needed a HotD style frantic shooter since HotD3 is going to X-Box and this fills the void reasonably well. Shooting action is fast and furious as you'd expect and some nice innovations are included. One such new feature of VN is the innocent civillans. In VN they are possessed by strange growths. Shoot the growth off of them and they return to normal but if you hit them instead then they turn into vampires who you must then destroy. There are different pathways through the stages that change depending on what you do and the game is a fair length for a gun game. Extra training modes are great and enhance longevity and a two player function is included for those with two guns. It's also worth noting that the game supports the G-Con 45 as well as the G-Con 2 so your old PS1 lightgun still comes in handy.

The Bad
As is always the case with these types of games the voice acting is apalling but here I think we've found a new low. Even HotD2 can't touch this one for poor voices, at least in HotD2 the voices were funny, in this they are so bad that they really start annoying you. This game is definately in the same vein as the legendary HotD series by Sega but if you were hoping for a PS2 equivilent of HotD2 then you won't find it here. Everything about the game is much weaker. Levels are fairly uninspired and towards the end they make little to no sense at all. Visually the game is okay but nothing amazing and there are far too many cheap shots where enemies are invulnerable for no reason other than to make the game harder up until a split second before they strike so you have to peg them at the last moment. Likely you'll be hit by them even though you hit them first , just you hit them sooner than the game wanted you to and so they don't die.

The Bottom Line
A good light gun shooter for fans of the genre to pick up but if you're okay with just a few gun games then I recommend picking up Time Crisis 2 for PS2 or for a monster style gun game grab House of the Dead 2 for Dreamcast (you bought one right?).

PlayStation 2 · by Sycada (177) · 2002

Vampire killer

The Good
It's a classic game, in all of its concepts. You're a half-vampire trying to destroy the evil empire on Earth, killing vampires, zombies, men-wolves and many other monsters. The plot is simple, but you'll not require a deep story behind the game, it's just a light gun shooter and nothing more. The game is funny and (like always) better to play it with somebody You can get extra life by saving people or breaking boxes, vases and furniture. Monsters has their weak points (even small monsters) and you'll need to discover them to make a good game. The game will remind you the House of the Dead Saga, but it's not better than it, it's just more of the same disguised. Funny, but nothing special. Game difficulty is reasonable, you'll finish the game with a few credits spent or just with one credit if you're a really good player and you shoot really fast.

The Bad
Get prepared to hate the girl, she's really stupid and you'll have to save her a lot of times (which is not bad at all). Voice acting is bad and the music is really simple, some action tracks which will go unnoticed through all the game, so, the sound art is not the best thing of the game. There are no extra weapons, nothing, just your gun through all the game, you can only get extra points but nothing more. Also, it's hard to save the people infected, sometimes you'll think that you've saved a girl because you've made a good shoot and you'll see how she'll become a monster (say good-bye to extra life then). You have to be very precise. It's essential to play the game with the G-Con (1 or 2). You can play the game with the gamepad but, of course, it's not the same.

The Bottom Line
A light gun game, good enough to be played with some friends but not as good like to be your favourite game ever. It'll remind you other light guns games, which are really better than this one. Play the others first, and then, if you want some more action with your light gun, try it.

PlayStation 2 · by NeoJ (398) · 2009


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