Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon

aka: Gorasul: Das Vermächtnis des Drachen, Gorasul: Dziedzictwo Smoka, Gorasul: El Legado del Dragon, Gorasul: L'héritage du dragon, Gorasul: O Legado do Dragão
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A little baby was abandoned by his parents, and one fine day a dragon found a cradle near his door. He took the helpless creature into his home, raised it and taught it his wisdom and his magic. When the little Roszondas grew up, he learned how to use the dragon magic against the evil creatures populating the land. He was a brave warrior, but in one of his battles he was killed.

His soul found a reincarnation, and this reincarnation is you. You find your tower invaded by zombies and other awful creatures. You have to fight the evil once again.

Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon is an isometric role-playing game conceived in the tradition of Baldur's Gate. Roszondas and his companions (up to four in the party) explore the game world, talking to NPCs, performing quests, and fighting enemies in "real-time-with-pause" combat. Beside the usual character attributes and combat abilities, Roszondas also has dragon powers, which can level up as well. In the beginning of the game the player chooses a weapon for Roszondas; regardless of the choice, this weapon can talk, has its own statistics which can also level up, and has an "Ego" meter which grows with time, and even makes the weapon question the hero's actions if it is high enough.


  • Горасул: Наследие дракона - Russian spelling



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Average score: 62% (based on 18 ratings)


Average score: 2.4 out of 5 (based on 7 ratings with 1 reviews)

A short and unsatisfying non-experience

The Good
I did not find anything outstanding in the game. What I liked best was the bagpipe tune playing while looking at the world map. And the story (if you may call it) is quite straightforward with no uncertainty what to do next...

The Bad
...but this is also one of the spoilers. There is absolutely nothing to do beside the main plot. Granted, there is a handful of dumb side quests, but they are not even worth mentioning. I personally consider it sacreligious to draw a parallel to the masterly crafted Planescape: Torment! Gorasul's elaboration of a storyline or characters tends to nil. The NPCs and party members (up to three at a time) are as bleak as the main character and the combat part is highly unbalanced. I was unable to win a crucial solo fight near the (rather unexpected) end of the game until I found a 'sweet spot' on the map where the monsters didn't attack. The following final battle on the contrary was a piece of cake and after a foul joke there was the main menu again. Bummer! Inventory, party and spell management is barely functional. Most of my hard earned gold pieces (quest rewards are offendingly low) were spent on repairs of the weapon 'companion', which You are able to level up only if You are using (and ruining) it, but to no real avail. The rest of the items available as a consequence were much too expensive. Another bad piece of game balance is that hit points regenerate faster than spell points.

The Bottom Line
Like every hastily prepared fast-food this game leaves a bad taste in your mouth but not for too long, as there is nothing remarkable to remember.

Windows · by Wimp (65) · 2003



The song used in the intro sequence is Die Klage ("The Lament") by German Medieval band Corvus Corax. It can be found on their album Viator (1998).


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