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Madō King Granzort


Madō King Granzort is based on the anime of the same name. The story takes place in science-fiction scenario in which a few kids get special powers to save the world from the evil Jadou Clan. To be more exact, they can summon three powerful creatures: The Madou kings of earth, water and wind. The player takes the role of those kings to defeat the Jadou Clan.

The player needs to find the way through the levels while solving basic platforming challenges and a lot of fighting, either with a sword or by shooting. The player can switch between the Madou kings which have different abilities. It is important to look after the energy bar and the time limit: both result in the loss of a life when running out.


  • マドーキング グランゾート - Japanese spelling
  • 魔動王グランゾート - Japanese spelling

Groups +


Credits (SuperGrafx version)

23 People (22 developers, 1 thanks)

Game Design
Character Programmer
System Programmer
Graphic Design
Sound Designer
Art Effect
Special Thanks
Original Story
Scenario Observer
Picture Adviser
Soft Observer
Technical Adviser
Graphic Adviser
Art Master
Help Assistance
Main Programmer
  • Red Company
  • Sunrise
  • Mutech
  • Hudson Soft


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Identifiers +

  • MobyGames ID: 54232


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