Pokémon Gold Version

aka: Pocket Monsters 2: Gold, Pocket Monsters Kin (Gold), Pokémon Edición Oro, Pokémon Goldene Edition, Pokémon Versão Gold, Pokémon: Attrapez-les tous! - Version Or
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Game Boy Color credits (1999)

60 people (54 professional roles, 6 thanks) with 80 credits.

Pokémon Gold Version Staff

Sub Director
Graphics Director
Monster Design
Graphics Design
Sound Effects
Game Design
Game Scenario
Tool Programming
Parametric Design
Script Design
Map Data Design
Map Design

US Version Staff

US Coordination
Text Translation
PAAD Testing
Product Testing
Special Thanks
Executive Producer

French Team (Equipe France)

Coordination Europe
French Texts (Textes Français)
Product Testing (Test Produit)
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Credits contributed by Evil Ryu, Mtik333.