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Creepy Corridors


Creepy Corridors is a maze game similar to Wizard of Wor. Adventurer Sierra Smith has entered the catacombs of Creepy Corridors in search for treasures. The mazes are full of riches but there are also lots of creatures that will do all they can to protect it. That's not enough to stop this adventurer though and it's up to the player to help him out. Each level consists of four diamonds that the player has to pick up. At the same time he has to avoid getting killed by the monsters that wander around the corridors. To his help he has a gun that he can use to shoot the creatures as they get close. Once all the diamonds have been picked up, an exit will open up that takes the player to the next level. The exit will also open when the player has killed all the monsters before collecting the diamonds. The player has four lives at the start of the game and each time he collects all the diamonds of a level he earns an extra one. As the player progresses through the levels he will come across more and tougher enemies.



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Creepy Corridors was originally made for the Apple II and released as part of the Laff Pack compilation in 1981.

The game was also advertised for Atari 8-bit and Commodore 64 but these versions were not released.

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