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Cosmo Gang: The Video


Cosmogang: The Video is a shooter with similarities to Galaga. The player's space ship is fixed on the bottom of the screen and can move left and right. In order to kill the enemy formations which enter the screen from above, there is also a standard gun implemented. Like in Galaga, the goal is to kill as many enemies as possible while avoiding their instant-death touches and shots. However, unlike it, this game has an end and a final boss. The enemies themselves can also learn new attacks and formations over the course of the game. Another addition to the Galaga concept are power-ups which are left behind by killed enemies, e.g. a shield or an enemy slow-down. In addition, a weapon upgrade can be earned by shooting a special alien which stays on the top of the screen and requires multiple hits. In all, there are five planets with five levels each and a bonus level after each world.


  • コズモギャング ザ ビデオ - Japanese spelling

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Original character designer
  • Fanchan


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