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This game, according to the manual is Darwin's Theory of Evolution turned into a fabulous musical fantasy. There are eight levels of evolution, each having three phases:

Phase 1: Freeze all organisms into energy clusters. To freeze them you have to arrive at an intersection of web strands before an organism gets there. As it approaches hold down the fire button. Do not touch a painted path the organism leaves behind or touch an organism before it reaches the intersection or you will be sent back to the start of this phase.

Phase 2: Stabilize all energy clusters. Go over them with the fire button. You don't have to be at an intersection for this. Their don't leave a painted path but you do. Touching this sends you back to the start of this phase.

Phase 3: The transitional phase that moves you to the next level with a musical reward. Music, lights and color. A new epoch is about to begin.

The game is viewed in a 3D perspective with the web stretching into the back of the screen. You appear as a note starting right at the front of the screen. You use the joystick to move about the web and use the fire button to enlarge. There are no lives to the game and no end. You finish when you switch it off.


Credits (Commodore 64 version)

Original Concept, Design by
Music by
Package design by
Photography by



Average score: 50% (based on 4 ratings)


Average score: 2.5 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings with 1 reviews)


The Good
Well, it was one of the first games to feature a 3-D perspective, and there is some nice music in the game, despite each piece lasting for about twenty seconds. There is a demo that shows new players what to do in the game. And even though the web looks bland with its strands colored gray, it can be quite colorful as the organisms leave a trail wherever they go.

The Bad
To me, almost every element of this game is downright horrible. Upon loading the game, you get one of those title screens that is ugly to look at. There is two screens of text, but both of these are obscured by black bars that go up the screen. It looks like the title screen is put through a satellite!

In the game, you play on what looks like a web. Your first task is supposed to freeze one of the organisms into energy clusters, but due to iffy controls this is almost impossible to do without crashing into their trails. And if you do, you have to start the task all over again, even if you have already froze others. Since there are no lives, the game never ends, but at least you won't have to look at the title screen again. You would be pretty pissed if you manage to freeze all but one organism, only to be sent back to the bottom and must start again.

Your character looks nothing more than a bunch of musical notes. The organisms themselves don't look like anything identifiable (although I remember later they look like duplicates of Saturn moving around). When you freeze them, they actually look like bright stars flashing.

The Bottom Line
In conclusion, Web Dimension is an average game that has good sound and graphics, despite the really bad title screen. Although the game uses a 3-D perspective, the sprites are awful and the gameplay is let down by iffy controls, which mean that one mistake can send you back to the beginning, with no chance to end the game due to the infinite lives you have. With only two levels, it didn't hold my attention for very long. It isn't very exciting, and it only serves as a time waster. Not bad, but not good either

Commodore 64 · by Katakis | カタキス (43092) · 2012


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