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All Heroes Die

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Loviisa used to be a large and powerful country, composed of five different major houses. One day, House Mustekelah, represented heraldically by the Kraken, left the country to explore what lied beyond the seas. After three years they returned, now the bearers of immense magical powers. Thanks to this, the house of the Kraken became the most respected amongst all Lovisans. But after a while, the other houses discovered that they were draining this new-found power straight from the Loviisans ancestors at their eternal detriment. Thus began the civil war known as "The War of Fallen Stars". After years of fighting House Mustekelah was finally defeated, leaving its survivors to take to the sea in search of a refuge. The rest of the Lovisans followed them to the very land where they first acquired their uncanny powers and vowed to not leave until they had finally stopped them.

From there on the game is played via a map where you can send your heroes and armies to explore the land and discover new civilisations and places. You also have to manage your heroes' family relations, as they age and die, marry and have children who grow to become heroes in their own turn. The gameplay is somewhat similar to King of Dragon Pass. The game's development has been halted on June 2010. During the development process, however, it was already available and could only be played by buying it.


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