Mahjong Cop Ryū

aka: Mahjongcop Ryū: Hakurō no Yabō
Moby ID: 57545
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Mahjong Cop Ryū is a combination of a Japanese-style adventure game and a 1-vs-1 mahjong game. It is a direct sequel to the coin-op strip mahjong game Sukeban Janshi Ryūko, and picks up the story directly after the destruction of the Janrōkai, an evil mahjong-playing organization. The player takes the role of an investigator named Ryū who is looking to find the true nature of an even greater threat that has taken the Janrōkai's place.

The main story mode features extended dialogue sequences, but these are largely linear and the only options are "speak", "show", and "threaten". In order to proceed with the story, the player must defeat a variety of colorful opponents at mahjong. The actual mahjong play is largely traditional, though there are several special techniques the player can use to gain an advantage.

In addition to the story mode, there is also a free battle mode, as well as a mahjong quiz mode and several options to change the rules of the game.


  • MAHJONGCOP竜 白狼の野望 - Japanese in-game spelling
  • マージャンCOP竜 - Japanese spelling

Groups +


Credits (Genesis version)

12 People (9 developers, 3 thanks)

Chief Planner (チーフ プランナー)
Game Planner (ゲーム プランナー)
  • Komazukai Ootsu [こまづかい オオツ]
Graphic Designer (グラフィック デザイナー)
  • Ano Shimizu (credited as Ano Shimizu Dry [アノ しみず ドライ])
  • Hinooi Toriumi Special [ヒノーイ とりうみ スペシャル]
  • Kanayama 68000 (as Gian Kanayama [ジャイアン かなやま])
Programmer (プログラマー)
  • Piinchi Suzuki [ピ〜ンチ すずき]
  • Mandragora Maruyama [マンドラゴラ まるやま]
Sound (サウンド)
  • K. Nakayama (credited as Aruaru Nakayama [アルアル なかやま])
  • Kei Maruyama (credited as Hyaa Maruyama [ヒャー まるやま])
  • S. Kamei (credited as Adult Hideo Kamei [アダルトヒデオ かめい])
Special Thanks (スペシャル サンクス)
  • Hiroshi Yamamoto (credited as Hiroshiman Yamamoto [ヒロシマン やまもと])
  • Kame Ijiro~ [カメ いじろ〜]
  • Hyuuhyuu Shibata [ヒューヒュー しばた]


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  • MobyGames ID: 57545
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