The Dark Meadow

aka: The Dark Meadow: The Pact


The Dark Meadow is a first-person horror-themed action game with some minor RPG elements. The player's character wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of how he got there or why. He gets in contact with an old man over an intercom and chases an evil spirit through the complex. During the journey scraps of paper are found that add more to the backstory. The fighting system consists of both long-ranged and melee weapons. When monsters approach they can be targeted with a bow (and later other weapons). A finger is used to aim and when it is let go, it fires. Up close, the bow can be swapped for a sword where striking is done with a swipe of the finger. Dodging is done with a tap and when it is successfully executed, there is a window to get some slashes in, similar to Infinity Blade. Incoming ranged projectiles can also be dodged.

After each successful encounter a tally is shown with the experience and gold gained. Gold can be spent to acquire new items, but these are also dropped by monsters or can be bought through in-app purchases. Next to the main currency there are sun coins that are much rarer and can be used to get alternative gold sets of weapons. The premium version of the game converts all swords, crossbows and amulets immediately to their gold counterparts. Purchases are done through an equipment screen where an overview of the equipped and available weapons is shown, along with the gold price and statistics. When the character levels up, skill points can be distributed. Various items such as gems and health kits can be found in the environment and amulets enhance abilities or stack bonuses. They can for instance double the damage dealt or enhance arrows with fire so creatures burn permanently when hit. When the character dies, he respawns at the start of the level.

After the initial commercial iOS release the game was released for Android as a free-to-play title with in-app purchases for sun coins and gold pieces. For iOS, too, the game was re-released as free-to-play, but next to the initial commercial version, not replacing it.

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  • Phosphor Games Studio
Art Director
Script Writer
Technical Director
Lead Combat Designer
Lead Character Artist
QA Lead
QA Testers
Audio Lead
Senior Producer
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