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Freedom City Runners


In Freedom City Runners the player takes the role of an athlete who has overslept on the day of the big competition. Now he has to get on his running shoes and rush to the stadium. There is not much time so he has to use his parkour skills to take the optimal route in the shortest time.

Freedom City Runners is an auto-run platformer similar to Canabalt. The game consists of five levels where the player has to get to the athletics stadium in the shortest time possible. The player is constantly running forward and has two commands available to avoid obstacles, jumping over them or rolling under them. After jumping a roll can be used to land smoothly. The player has a style meter that fills up as jumps and rolls are performed. For a multiplier bonus the player can spin while in the air. Once it is full it is possible to boost speed, power and spin to the max. Each level has multiple routes that the player can take and they all end with a 100m race at the stadium. Here the player has to press the space bar continuously to make the athlete run faster. There are three different runners to choose and they have different ratings in speed, power and spin.

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