Sega GT

aka: Sega GT: Homologation Special
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Gran Turismo Copy.

The Good
That you can create your very own racing machine or just a gentle cruiser, & the VMU mini-game is basic, but fun, also each time you win an event you win, Sponsorship money, an added bonus!

The Bad
A bit too easy to complete & it was like Gran Turismo, hint the GT in the title.

The Bottom Line
A Dreamcast alternative & an alter-ego to Gran Turismo, with original parts including create your own car & VMU mini-game.

I would recommend this game to racing simulation fans, or if you like to differ from Gran Turismo.

I would say this game is OK & a decent rating of 7.5/10

Dreamcast · by (1067) · 2003

A horrible gran turismo clone

The Good
There were plenty of cars and decent tracks, controls were good and it just looks like a gran turismo clone

The Bad
By far the worst game I have ever played, the physics engine was unrealistic, as cars have a tendency to glide around turns. Every car is the same in handling and speed so there's not much you can tune. The graphics are outdated compared to the Need for Speed Series, and are more of an eyesore which causes headaches and disorientation. The fact that you have to unlock everything and it takes quite a challenge to do so with the difficulty being the same, it's a real hard game to play especially if you're wiping out on every turn because of the handling of every car. There are a some major instability problems with the game, including desktop crashing or graphic glitch that turns your monitor into a disarrayed set of colors or you get a out of sync error. The patches doesn't help improve the overall quality of the game. It usually fixes graphic bugs but not the physical gameplay.

The Bottom Line
Stay away from this one, this game has problems, and it's a budget title, Stick with Need For Speed for they have better cars, tracks and addon capabilities.

(I ended up being so frustrated with the game that I smashed the CD into pieces and took a bunch headache meds)

Windows · by Twilightseer (252) · 2006

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