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Aliens: Colonial Marines

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A Game Based on the movie!

The Good
The first time I seen the movie, I was like "Oh WOW!" and the Colonial Marines were ordered to check out LV-426 and they were ambushed by Aliens!

The first time I played the game, the controls were the best, the graphics feels like it came off from other game like "Doom 3" and "Call of Duty", and the sound takes place in the movie. The weapons are here too, like the Pulse Rifle, Smart Gun, Shotgun, and the Flamethrower.

The Bad
The Aliens are not that scary, but in the movie they was. in the second level, you started facing troopers instead of the Xenomorph. The weirdest thing that I ever seen in the game was Aliens spitting acid, the Raven, and the Crusher Alien. If you're playing this game on the Ultimate Badass mode, good luck: because you'll be dead in the first level.

The Bottom Line
This game is one of the best "Call of Duty" FPS ever! just like Hicks said "Looks like we're gonna a deck of cards." anyway, it's a good time and you can think about it. It's based on the second film.

Windows · by Damian Armstrong (19) · 2014

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