Utopia: The Creation of a Nation

Moby ID: 5985

[ Amiga ] [ Antstream add ] [ Atari ST ] [ DOS ] [ SNES ]

Amiga credits (1991)

14 people with 18 credits.

Original game concept by Graeme Ing, Robert Crack
Programming by Graeme Ing
Addition game concept by Sean Kelly, James North-Hearn
Graphics by Berni Hill (as Berni)
Manual by Sean Kelly
Music and FX by Barry Leitch (as Imagitech Design Limited)
Pachelbel's Canon (Title Music) by Johann Pachelbel
Arranged by Barry Leitch
Product Testing and Evaluation by Tony Dawson, Matt Furniss, Rob Bowman, Anthony Casson
Produced by Gremlin Graphics Software Limited, A Fairlight 1991 Production
© 1991 Gremlin Graphics Software Limited, Celestial Software Limited
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