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Kent Knutson is a teenager who lives in the city of Neutropolis. The city is controlled by a totalitarian regime, which prohibits people to express any emotions that would deviate from the prescribed norm - such as joy and happiness. Kent is arrested by the Norms, the police force of Neutropolis, and put in prison for whistling a merry tune. In prison, he received an anonymous note that tells him that there is a resistance group somewhere in the city, which seeks to overthrow the dictator of Neutropolis. The question is - how can Kent find that resistance group?..

Normality is an adventure game done entirely in 3D, similarly to Under a Killing Moon, though with more colorful, cartoon-like visuals. Besides the somewhat unusual (for the genre) engine, the game plays like a traditional puzzle-solving adventure, primarily relying on manipulation of objects Kent is able to pick up and put in his inventory.


  • נורמליטי - Hebrew spelling

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Credits (DOS version)

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Lead Programming
3D Graphics Engine
Audio Programming
3D Environments & Artwork
Sound Effects
3D Character Modelling
3D Sequence Animation and Compositing
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Average score: 76% (based on 28 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 43 ratings with 5 reviews)

A welcome change from the usual point and click adventure games

The Good
The whole game is done is a first person perspective. This adds an element of exploration and removes the pixel hunting you often find in adventure games. Although the 3D engine isn't particularly quick it is more than adequate for this sort of game and the interface works well.

The puzzles are challenging enough to keep the game interesting but usually solvable if you use a bit of twisted logic. Many of them have multiple solutions which helps to stop you from getting stuck in a particular spot for too long.

The Bad
The storyline while being fun enough is a little too off the wall at times. The voice acting is also fairly poor but this is understandable given some of the corny dialog. Bad movie actor (read that how you will) Corey Feldman did the voice for Kent (the main character) and while he did a good job for the most part he can grate after a while.

The Bottom Line
This is a good adventure game which doesn't quite live up to its potential mainly due to a dodgy script and some poor acting. The 3D engine from this game was used to much better effect in Realms of the Haunting several years later. Its is still worth playing for anyone who likes the genre and fancies a change from the norm.

DOS · by Pix (1172) · 2000

Underrated Adventure Game with some of the best puzzles around

The Good
Normality is a game that takes a simple plot and makes it fun.It may not win any awards,but it's a very creative game that should be played be any adventure fan. The puzzles are excellent,very hard and sometimes very strange,but they're always hinted to.If you pay close attention,you can solve them.But even if you don't,you'll have many hours of fun just searching for just one clue.Another thing I liked was the script,that was very funny.There's some very funny lines in here that are worthy of an adventure game.The voice acting is also decent,and the voice of Kent is perfectly played by Cory Feldman who isn't that good of an actor.

The Bad
The actual music in the game is very cheap sounding and doesn't fit in with the rest of the game.The game's quite short.Actually,very short.If you know what you're doing it takes about thirty minutes to go through the entire game.But,if you don't know what you're doing,you're looking at a good thirty hours.That's how well designed the puzzles are.

The Bottom Line
This is a very good game that never got the attention it deserved.The ads seemed to market it towards the younger crowd,yet I think that this is a game for everyone to play because it's very fun.A perfect game if you want something light and funny to play,and very challenging.

DOS · by SamandMax (75) · 2001

Stay Normal!

The Good
This game really is a break from normality compared to other games. A funny storyline and interesting puzzles keep you interested. Also, the graphics in this game are pretty good. Some levels are better more than others, my favourite is the Mint Mall, I like the atmosphere that you get playing this game.

The Bad
Sometimes the voice dialogue is poor, also, some of the background music gets very irriating. Also, it's frustrating when you are in the sewers level wondering around in the dark(Before you get the goggles)

The Bottom Line
A fun game which you should give a try

DOS · by Big C (56) · 2001

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Guess the developers weren't fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: In the sewer beneath the stadium there's a tunnel near the elevator exit that takes you to a small dead end with a special rat standing atop some pizza boxes and surrounded by four hopping, masked turds. Their names? "King Rat" and the "Ninja Turds".

Now that's subtlety for you!


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