Simple 2000 Series: Vol.34 - The Renai Horror Adventure: Hyōryū Shōjo

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One summer night, six high-school students have gathered at an old abandoned building at their school. Looking to have a little fun before school starts again in the fall, they enter the building looking for ghosts and to tell a few scary stories. But just after they enter, an earthquake hits their town, causing the building to collapse and leaving the students trapped beneath the building. Searching for a way out, they discover that they just may have found the ghosts they were looking for, who are none too happy about these unwanted guests...

Hyōryū Shōjo (Drifting Girl) is a combination of a Japanese-style visual novel "gal game" and a horror game. Each day, the player must ration food for each of their companions -- all of them girls from the protagonist's school -- then choose a partner to go out and search for supplies and information, while doing their best to avoid or fight off the spirits haunting the ruins. Each character needs a certain amount of food each day; if they have too little, their health will deplete until they are incapacitated and eventually die. Investigation is command based, with the options to move to other locations, investigate the current area more closely, or converse with the player's current partner.

Each partner has a specific talent which affects investigation. For example, one girl is skilled at finding food, while another is able to sense the presence of ghosts. Choosing a girl for the search partner also allows the player to further their romantic relationship with that character, and the game's ending will change depending on which characters are left alive at the conclusion, and which girl the player has forged the strongest bond with.


  • SIMPLE2000シリーズVol.34 THE恋愛ホラーアドベンチャー 〜漂流少女〜 - Japanese spelling

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Simple 2000 Series Producer (SIMPLE2000シリーズ プロデュース)
Chief Producer (チーフプロデューサー)
Producer (プロデューサー)
Supervisor (スーパーバイザー)
Director (ディレクター)
Planning (企画)
Scenario Revision (シナリオ修正/加筆)
Scenario (シナリオ)
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン)
Art Work (原画)
Background Design (背景デザイン)
Creature Design (クリーチャーデザイン)
Designer (デザイナー)
Coloring (着彩)
  • Tyrell Laboratory Ltd. [有限会社タイレルラボラトリー]
Main Programmer (メインプログラマー)
Programmer (プログラマー)
Sound (サウンド)
Sound Data Conversion (サウンドデータコンバート)
  • Takane Ohkubo (Beatmaniac [大久保 高嶺 (ビートマニアック)])
Streaming Sound Effects (ストリーミングSE作成)
Voice Recording (ボイス録音)
Sound Processing (音声加工)
Debug (デバッグ)
Development Producer (開発プロデューサー)
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