Champion Dreams: First to Ride

aka: Abenteuer auf dem Reiterhof: Die Meisterschule, Alexandra Ledermann 6: L'Ecole des Champions , Horsez 2: Vzhůru do sedel, Pippa Funnel 2 - Take The Reins, Pippa Funnell: Take the Reins
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Windows credits (2006)

75 people (64 professional roles, 11 thanks) with 100 credits.

Design and Production: Lexis Numerique

Authors Eddy Moussa, Jérôme Pelissier
Artistic Direction Jérôme Pelissier
2D Design Olivier Derouetteau, Julien Lagrid, Jérôme Pelissier
2D Infographics Sophie Chaudoit, Olivier Derouetteau, Julien Lagrid, Valérie Pédre, Jérôme Pelissier, Pierre Autissier, Alexandre Bonvalot
Lead 3D Infographic Designer Eddy Moussa
Level Design Julien Lagrid (Endal), Olivier Lochey (Daff), Eddy Moussa (Garbager), Jérôme Pelissier (Zyx)
3D Modellers Pierre Autissier (Thizir), Stéphane Fradet, Julien Lagrid, Eddy Moussa, Jérôme Pelissier
3D Animators Stéphane Fradet, Julien Lagrid, Eddy Moussa, Jérôme Pelissier
Lead Developer Houssam Haydar
Developer Willy Delcloy, Juliette Grammon, Houssam Haydar, Olivier Lochey, Xavier Rozé, Jacques Vernus
Project Manager Noëmie Morvan, Minh Phan
Assistant Project Director Jeremy Chaieb (JEHUTY Sano)
Marketing Director Lexus Numérique Djamil Kemal
Production Directors Lexus Numérique Delphine Fenioux, Minh Phan
Creative Director Lexus Numérique Éric Viennot
Associate Directors Lexus Numérique José Sanchis, Éric Viennot
Dialogue Isabelle Bottier, Eddy Moussa
Document Editors Sophie Chaudoit, Eddy Moussa
Technical Advisors Alexandra Ledermann, Anne Perrin
Voice Recording Scopitone
Voices Pippa Funnell (Pippa), Laurence Dourlens (Deborah / Kiew), Claire Guyot (Wendy the heroine), Anne Massoteau (Ginger / Shumi), David Krüger (Spike / Patrick / Esteban), Patrice Baudrier (Harry / the director / the commentators / the vet), Eddy Moussa (the student)
Music Composed by Michael Pummell, Dynamedion[]

Editor: Ubisoft Entertainment

CEO Yves Guillemot
EMEA Director Alain Corre
International Production Director Christine Burgess-Quémard
Project Management: EMEA Development Director Virginie Gretz
Project Management: Executive Producer Stéphane Decroix
Project Management: Senior Producer Valérie Radelet
Project Management: Game Content Manager Michel Momcilovic
Tests: QA Functional Division Manager Marius Tudorel Potîrniche
Tests: QA Lead Platform Specialist Mircea Nuţu
Tests: Lead Tester Andrei-Ioan Chelaru
Tests: QA TRC Specialist George Bunea
Tests:Testers Andreea Marian, Florin Cristea, Mihai Gherman
Tests: Data Manager Marius Mardale
Tests: Hardware Manager Bogdan Alexandru Mâniosu (credited as Bogdan Maniosu)
Tests: Compatibility Hardware Technicians David Lévesque, Martial Antoine
Data Management International Service: Manager Benoît Maury-Bouët
Data Management International Service: Assets Manager David Picco
Data Management International Service: Authoring Technicians Anis Boujaouane
Localisation: Studio Director Coralie Martin
Localisation: Localization Project Manager Laure Bouffard
Marketing: Marketing Director France Caroline Stevens
Marketing: Group Manager France Sylvaine Gomez
Marketing: Product Manager France Sandrine Soulier
Marketing: Assistant Product Manager France Clément Prévosto
Marketing: Product Manager Germany Andreas Balfanz
Marketing: Product Manager United Kingdom Sally Cormack
Thanks Pippa Funnell, Locomotion Studios, Marie de Bouet (from Portal), Julie Bordes, Diane, Fanny, Mathilde, Lauriane, Louve, Justine, Josephine and all Pippa Funnell's students
Made with Virtools Jean-Baptiste Guitton
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