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Aisle Lord


Aisle Lord is a 3D dungeon RPG in the tradition of western RPGs such as Wizardry and Might and Magic, though the story and character progression is much closer to Japanese style RPGs with a fixed cast that levels up automatically. The entire game, including towns and building interiors, is explored from a 3D third-person perspective; individual rooms and transitional areas are navigated in a point-and-click adventure game style. Battles play out in a semi-active fashion, with the player giving each character specific commands, which they will follow until instructed to do otherwise.


  • アイル・ロード - Japanese spelling


Credits (SEGA CD version)

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Roll (ロール)
Sharma (シャルマー)
Linisha (リニシャ)
Tairuru (タイルル)
Asharuku (アーシャルク)
Chusia (チュシア)
Mumuna (ムムナ)
Dosa Morgan (ドサ・モーガン)
Piku Glory (ピック・グロウリー)
Oyan (オーヤン)
Kushana (クシャナ)
Evenden (イーベンデン)
Duga (ドゥガ)
Dataraiado (ダタライアード)
Kushner (キュスナー)
Father Pablo (パブロ司祭)
The Elder (長老)
Galom (ガロム)
Danaa (ダナー)
Lioness (リオネス)
Bodo (ボード)
Hanyui (ハニュイ)
Ruby Eye (ルビーアイ)
Maxi (マクシ)
Baudre (ボードゥル)
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