Shadow Hearts

Moby ID: 6225

PlayStation 2 credits (2001)

86 people

Character Design
Lead Programmer
Lead Movie Design
Movie Design
Background Design
Datafield Programmer
Event Planning
Script Manager
Event Programmer
Battle Planning
Locations Design
Battle Programmer
Lead Monster Design
Monster Design
3D Character Design
Model Programmer
Lead Motion Design
Motion Design
Sound Effects
Sound Manipulation
Sound Programmers
Effects Graphics
Effects Programmers
Producer (Digital Media Lab.)
Manager (Digital Media Lab.)
Animations (Digital Media Lab.)
Programmers (Digital Media Lab.)
Producer (Shadow Entertainment Inc.)
Designers (Shadow Entertainment Inc.)
Producer (Midway Games Inc.)
Co-Producer (Midway Games Inc.)
Assistant Producers (Midway Games Inc.)
Marketing (Midway Games Inc.)
Product Manager
PR Manager
President, Business Development
VP, Business Development
Testing Manager (Midway Games Inc.)
Lead Tester (Midway Games Inc.)
Voice Acting
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Credits contributed by Unicorn Lynx.