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In Deadfall Adventures, the protagonist is an archaeologist adventurer who has a cheeky female sidekick, visits various places all over the world in search of the artifact Heart of Atlantis and fights evil Nazis/Russians in the process. So obviously the hero is... James Lee Quatermain, nephew of the novel figure Allan Quatermain. Similarities other action heroes aside, the story and dialogues are tongue-in-cheek and deliberately use the typical B-movie clicheès.

The game itself alternates between action and puzzle-solving sequences. The action part is a typical first-person shooter: James walks around and shoots everyone who moves before biting the dust himself. Besides the human enemies, there are also mummies which should be weakened by blinding them with the flashlight. Later in the game there are also traps in the environment which can be triggered to damage enemies.

The puzzles are mostly of the usual switch (using the interactive elements in the correct order) and trigger (finding the correct element to use/shoot) variety. Other examples are light beam puzzles or choosing the correct floor tiles to walk on. Allan's old notebook serves as in-game puzzle help; the separate puzzle difficulty setting controls how much it reveals. By finding hidden treasures in the linear levels, James unlocks the opportunity to buy upgrades like more health or faster reloads.

Multiplayer offers the usual competitive modes like deathmatch or capture-the-flag, including classes and level unlocks, and a co-op surviving mode in which players have to survive mummy assaults.

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Average score: 61% (based on 9 ratings)


Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 10 ratings with 1 reviews)

Indiana Jones + FPS = Deadfall adventures

The Good
•Nice mix of Action/Puzzle Solving, without affecting the pace

•Well designed puzzles, difficult to get stuck but somewhat challenging

•Figuring out and evading ancient traps

•Beautiful Graphics despite the somewhat dated engine (special mention to the weapon models and their reloading animations)

•The treasure collecting mechanic is well designed and fun to play in-game

•Smooth performance, seems to be well optimized

•Varied levels and environments (from the yellow sands of Egypt to a Mayan Jungle passing through the Cold Arctic) made the game feel fresh and exciting

•Captures the Indiana Jones feel very well, made me feel like an action adventurer

•Fighting deadly not-so-dead mummies with your flashlight...

•Nazi antagonist, who doesn´t like beating nazis?!

•Satisfying gameplay time, game does not feel short, ends where it has to (10hs+)

•Separate difficulty settings for Action/Puzzle

•The Ending was cool tough predictable

•Dynamite !!!

The Bad
•The Plot could have been a little bit more fleshed out, would had added a more "Epic" feel to the game overall making the player be part of a bigger-than-life experience

•The game feels sort of "unpolished" overall compared to some other FPS titles from this calibre, some bugs to be found, nothing to cry about tough, there´s also that tiny feeling of being a budget game, but it goes of fast (thankfully)

•The gunplay is mediocre and cliche (would appeal to old-school fans tough)

•Mediocre sound design, forgettable Soundtrack (weapon sounds are good)

•Unchallenging AI, also there could have been more enemy types variation

•The Voice Acting could have been much better

The Bottom Line
Deadfall Adventures is an FPS game that tries to mimick the Indiana Jones adventuring style (and it does it very well), its mechanics and plots are simple, what saves the game from forgotten-doom is it´s mixing of pure gunplay/action with puzzle solving (proper of Graphic Adventure games). The game alters the pace between these two very well, i never got tired of solving a puzzle and wanted to go gun-blasting hell, part of that is because the puzzles have the right measure of difficulty so they don´t feel like an ordeal but are fun to figure out instead...same works viceversa, it was nice to play an action sequence after having been trough a puzzle sequence

This mixing feels fresh and unexpected, personally i was waiting for a new game to incorporate this mechanic since i love it cause it mixes my two favorite genres in one, i can´t believe how few games exists with this characteristics, the other one i can think of right now is Realms of The Haunting, and underrated gem from the DOS era

The game features awesome graphic design, the lighting effects and the superb use of textures made me feel immersed despite being somewhat dated, i loved walking through the Mayan Temples and watching the flames ignite from the stone-carved skulls in the jungle, the PC version has good customization options in this department, including the very demanded FOV setting

I loved the weapon models and reload animations, somehow The Farm 51 always nails it with this, there are various weapons to choose from, from Dual Revolvers to Shotguns and Automatics, also Sniper Rifles, your typical Grenades and the so rare TNT Dynamite

The Gunplay is cliche, you walk and you shoot, that´s it, the human enemies in this game are stupidly easy to kill (even in Hard difficulty), and the bad AI doesn´t make it better. Thankfully, very early in the game not-so-earthly enemies are introduced, which require a little more effort to kill, thanks to this, when a swarm of this enemies gets in the way, the gunplay becomes more fun and challenging

The Plot is your standard, Adventurer-vs-Nazi-with-paranormal-elements-thrown-in plot, brewing directly from every Indiana Jones movie, complete with a (somewhat annoying) female sidekick, but (sadly) lacking the Epic feel that Indiana movies have

Overall the game feels and plays OK, and has the right pace (i even stopped playing Shadow of Mordor for a while cause the game had me hooked)

There are also some collectibles in the game, i normally don´t care at all for collectibles in games, but this games pulls it off, you can collect treasures that can be exchanged for improvements (reload speed, maximum health, stamina, etc...), to collect these treasures, sometimes you have to solve puzzles, which made this mechanic feel like not something thrown in for the sake of expanding the gameplay time, but fits in the game instead as an integral part of the whole experience.

I enjoyed playing Deadfall Adventures very much, the developers knew what they wanted to achieve and what type of experience they wanted to transmit, if i could put the game in one phrase, it will be "a modest game that knows what it wants to be and achieves decent results"

I recommend it to Graphic Adventure fans that miss some action spice in their adventure games and Indiana Jones fans alike...

Windows · by Mastran (564) · 2015


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