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Super Gran

aka: Tolle Oma


Super Gran is a game using the character from the 80s TV Show of the same name. You play as Super Gran and you must play eight levels with four different styles of games, as you attempt to thwart Scunner Campbell and his goons Tub and Rent-a-muscle.

The first level sees you in a flying machine viewed from the side with the whole level shown on the screen. You must avoid and bomb the other flying machines and you complete the level when the timer reaches zero. The second level sees you with the ability to fly as yourself but with limited fuel which is viewed from the side but the game scrolls left or right when you move. You must avoid balloons and planes while you can collect any car or cat on the ground. There are fuel depots which will increase your fuel meter.

The third level has you driving on a vertical scrolling road viewed from above as you must avoid the other car on the road and touching the sides. You can speed up or slow down. The fourth level is a platform game with the whole level shown on the screen. You must get to the top by jumping from various platforms while avoiding the bombs from a helicopter. Hitting a platform at the wrong angle also kills you and the tide slowly rises at the bottom.

Once you have completed the four levels you then repeat them again. You have five lives and once they have gone it is game over. The joystick is used to control your hero with just one player playing the game.

The C16 version has just three levels and misses out the second level where Super Gran flies.

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Super Gran (or its text adventure version) was advertised for the Atari XL, BBC, Tatung Einstein and MSX, but none surfaced.

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