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Rambo: The Video Game

aka: Rambo: The Video Game - Baker Team


Rambo: The Video Game is a first-person shooter based on the three Rambo action movies starring Sylvester Stallone, released between 1982 and 1988. It consists of a series of sequences from the three movies in chronological order, preceded by a flashback tutorial level set in Vietnam. The gameplay is based around the rail shooter concept and does not offer freedom of movement. Instead the camera guides the player through the levels while the player moves the cross-hair in a first-person view to take out enemies. These are often combined with non-lethal takedowns using quick time events. In those sections the player is encouraged to shoot hands and legs to disarm opponents instead of killing them directly. Sometimes the two gameplay concepts are combined in stealth sections.

Lots of enemies need to be killed and the player is rewarded with a multiplier for linking kills. Sometimes an enemy has an exclamation mark over the head and needs to be killed quickly, or his shot is lethal. Other gameplay elements include a cover system through arrows on the screen, active reload for double ammunition, and a kill cam for precise shots. While fighting Rambo builds up a wrath meter. Once activated, time slows down, there is unlimited ammo, and enemies glow orange and provide health when killed. By killing people and completing sections experience is earned to assign skill points and unlock perks. Up to three can be assigned simultaneously. Next to the main mission goals there are optional challenges provided by Colonel Trautman. Completing these opens up the ability to determine which weapons to take into a level. Rambo fights with a knife, guns and grenades. The game offers two-player local cooperative multiplayer games.

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Even though Sylvester Stallone is the voice of John Rambo in the game, he is not credited under voice-acting. That is because the developers didn't record new lines for Rambo character, but instead used lines from the movie trilogy as they were in the movie. As such, dialogues for the main character used emphasis on the words and pronounciation to fit the movies, not the game, and may sometimes feel over the limit or not too synchronized with the in-game scene and character's expression in the game. One who saw the movies could easily notice the "Mission accomplished!" line after finishing each mission being taken from "Rambo: First Blood Part II" movie from the final confrontation between Rambo and Murdock upon Rambo's return from the 'Nam with the P.O.W.s.

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