Army Men RTS

aka: Totsugeki! Army Men
Moby ID: 6420

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PlayStation 2 credits (2002)

37 people

Project Lead Andrew Cooper
Lead Programmer Adam Iarossi
Programmer David Lannan
Lead Designer Matthew Harding
Designer Tristan Mott, Dan Teasdale
Lead Artist Brad Welch
3D Artist / Character Animator Lachlan Creagh
3D Artist / Animator Brian Vining, Kasey Leask
Producer Brendan Andrews, Jo Clowes
Additional Programming David McClurg, Gordon Moyes, Jonathon Clark
Additional Art Mat Brady, Weili Huang
Music and Sound Design Eric Klein
Special Thanks Greg Borrud, Andrew Goldman, Ken Miller, Josh Resnick, Paul Grace, Kate Hedstrom, Elise Lachowyn, Timothy Spengler
Executive Producer Kelly Turner
Producer Marc Sherrod
Media Services Barry Blum, Jeni Day
Voice Talent Jim Cummings, Marc Van Gelder, Walter Fields
Test Supervisor Joe Hakik
Tester Ryan Ellison, Richard Cummings, Ian Martin
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Credits contributed by Brad Welch.