Destroy All Humans! 2

aka: Destroy All Humans! 2: Make War, Not Love!
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Our "hero", Crypto 137, is back. Earth is under attack again in another alien invasion. The setting is now the 1960s. You go around hunting Humans with your Zap-o-Matic, Ray Gun, or brand new weapons. Occasionally, there are probing missions where you can hypnotize a Human to do something to carry out your plans for the Furon Empire. There are also missions where you trick humans into being abducted by your ship.

Crypto also has new weapons: the Dislocator, a gun that shoots purple discs and grabs anything (including tanks) to beat them up; the Meteor Strike, a gun that can rain down meteor showers upon the enemy... and another gun called Gastro, which is a hologram on a hovership that helps out Crypto.

The side quests have fleshed-out stories now; in addition, there are cult missions where you convince humans to worship an Alien God. A Co-op mode has also been added. The entire game can be played through on a split-screen and the second player can join in or out of the action at any time through the pause menu.

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Average score: 76% (based on 22 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 18 ratings with 1 reviews)

Good solid fun, but not as good as the 1st game.

The Good
Pretty much what I liked about the first game: the comedy and the huge sandbox world. This time around we actually are allowed to go beyond the borders of the USA and visit such places as England, Japan and even the Moon!

Where the original game has the time line of the mid 50’s, spoofing all the space movie cliché’s of the era, this one jumps ahead a decade, to the mid to late 60’s to parody the “groovy, free love hippie era”. This gives us a huge assortment of fun characters to “interact” with and a large and fertile ground for jokes, barbs and gags!

Just like the original, the anti-hero, Crypto137 is back with his acerbic personality and caustic comments. He is hilarious and refreshingly different from most games, in which most characters are either numbingly cute or exceedingly heroic and bombastic. He does his best to annoy and crap on everyone or anything human, or commie or not him. He especially likes to annoy Gastro, his equally sarcastic boss, who is also returning from the original game.

In this version not only is he desperate to take out his frustrations on we mere humans, but also he seems to be rather, ahem, aroused at times and would like to get some “action”, often propositioning or making bawdy suggestions to some of the females that he encounters! (A real trick for a clone without genitalia!)

A real treat is that, not only are we getting the weapons from the first game, but they are upgraded for more fun and we get a bunch of new weapons which put another notch in the “fun meter”! I especially liked getting the “meteor” upgrade. After all, this is what the basis of the game is all about isn’t it? Destroying all humans?

One of my complaints about the 1st game was how lonely I felt. Outside of reading minds you never talked to anyone outside of Gastro. Well, in this one you actually make contact with specific and important characters that drive the story! Actual conversations! Some very hilarious conversations to boot! Hooray!

Another solution to the above loneliness is the addition of a 2 player mode. The quests are different and there are a few extra upgrades and weapons not available to single player mode. Having only played in single player, I can't comment on this feature other than it looks like a fun feature, and can add to the replay value as you play a second time with a friend or your clone!

Like the original, lots of open game play, detailed and expansive worlds and characters. Fun and funny!

The Bad
This game feels rushed and a bit sloppier than the original. There are lots of little “holes” and “glitches” in the graphics that I never ever found in the 1st game. The interaction and comments with the characters seems like variations on the same stuff from the 1st game also, only given a new coat of paint from the 60’s.

I would have hoped they could have come up with more original stuff, which adds to my belief that they had to really rush this to market to ride the (unexpectedly huge) popularity the original had generated. I can’t blame them for that, but hire more beta testers or QC technicians. One glitch actually made me lose my place and I had to start over from my save, which was very annoying. It wasn’t a big hole, and it was a fluke I found it, but still annoying nonetheless. Most were harmless distortions and walls that weren't so solid.

Not only was the game rushed to market, but also I felt rushed along with the story they created for this title. I finished this game in as little as perhaps 20 to 30 hours. Which is only about a week or two maybe even less if you include weekends! I felt not so much in control as I was in the 1st game. Once you completed a task, the game seemed to give you the “bum’s rush” to carry on to another area. Near the end of the game this becomes even more apparent as many things happen outside of your control.

Many of the worlds in the last half or third are rather limited, which detracts from that huge sandbox feel of the first game. It also is further evidence of that “rush to market” feel I get from this game.

From the box and manual you are told about all the upgrades for your weapons, and some of the “NEW” weapons that are available. It is disappointing to learn that you must EARN your upgrades to your older weapons from the 1st game, and even more disappointing that this takes a long time. As for the new weapons, by the time you unlock them, the game is almost 75% finished, and the upgrades for them don't become available till almost the end of the game! The reloads for the best weapons are very sparse, so most of the time you only have enough ammo for the first or secondary level of “destructive power”!
Where is the fun in that?

The Bottom Line
A fun game and has a lot of fun and absorbing game play. Not your usual kind of game. It has a huge world to explore with lots of variety and funny interactions. Many fun and nifty weapons to choose from and use on buildings and people!
A tad disappointing when compared to the first game, but still very much fun and lots of playable hours anyway.

No graphic or gory violence, but a tad adult in its themes and ideas and it's complex game play so I wouldn't recommend this for anyone under 14. A lot of the humour will be lost on young kids.

An addition to your collection for sure, especially if you have the 1st game.

PlayStation 2 · by Oblio (97) · 2007


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