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Poppit! Sprint takes the main gameplay mechanics from the original Poppit!, that is popping out groups of identically-colored balloons, and mixes them with an infinite stream of balloons that flows from the bottom, every time a cluster is removed. It has two modes: the main blitz mode where the player needs to score as many points as possible in only one minute, similarly to Bejeweled Blitz, and a casual mode where there is no time limit, but the game becomes increasingly difficult as the player levels up and new colors are added to the playing field. The casual mode was added later, in 2012.

Both modes feature power-ups. Sometimes players can be rewarded with power-up balloons for popping big groups in one go. They can remove entire rows, columns and even diagonals when popped. There are power-ups which can be acquired in exchange for coins. The blitz mode has the following power-ups: Chain Lightning (zaps groups in a chain explosion), Triple Column (pops three columns), Wild Card (random power-up), Color Bomb (removes all balloons of one color), Magnet (arranges all the balloons by color), Freeze (stops the timer for five seconds), Multiplier Up (increases the score multiplier), Triple Row (pops three rows), Bullseye (pops single balloons), and Power Star. The casual mode has a smaller selection: Pop Rocket (pops all power-ups), Color Bomb, Bullseye, Triple Column, Grenade (pops all balloons near the grenade), and Triple Row. Coins are earned mainly by popping balloons containing them, but some are also offered at the end of the round or through special events.

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