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aka: Guzzler C16

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Zzap! (76 out of 100) (76%)

A strange derivative of Pac Man in which you control a fruit-eating mouse. The trick is to be fat or thin at the right places, which proves frustrating but fun.

Aug 1987 · Commodore 16, Plus/4 · read review

Amtix! (68 out of 100) (68%)

A pleasant game that lends heavily from its PACMAN big brothers, this maze and chomp game is a reasonably playable variation. The graphics are simple and the nasties that you must avoid are reassuringly thick. The real nice touch is Dennis Deflator who, if he touches you as he careers around the edge of the screen, will either kill you or cause you to lose weight depending on if you've been eating or not. Worth two quid - but expect to get bored after a while.

Dec 1986 · Amstrad CPC · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (5.5 out of 10) (55%)

Kurzes Fazit: Für Feinschmecker sicherlich zu leichte Kost; in Anbetracht des günstigen Preises jedoch dennoch ein Gericht, daß man in den Speiseplan mitaufnehmen kann, ohne sich den Magen zu verderben.

Oct 1986 · Amstrad CPC · read review

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