SimCity 2000

aka: Draco, SC2000, SC2K, SimCity 2000: Der ultimative Städte-Simulator, SimCity 2000: La Super-Simulation D'Urbanisme, SimCity 2000: Symulator Buddwy I Rozwoju Miasta, SimCity 2000: The Ultimate City Simulator
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Based on the phenomenally successful SimCity, you're given a plot of barren land to zone into industrial, residential, and commercial areas. As your city grows, you must deal with crime, education, and health issues by strategically placing police stations, schools, and hospitals. Manage traffic, the budget, and the needs of your constituents, or face riots, ridicule in the press, and eventual impeachment!


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**From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Gridlock, Blackouts and Runaway Taxes, Comes Raw Sewage, Yellow Journalism and the Subway at 3 a.m.

Now Entering SimCity 2000**’

Beneath the polished facade lies a seething cauldron of angry taxpayers, broken water mains and other challenges that will take you uptown, downtown, even underground. Now entering SimCity 2000 - the ultimate city simulator.

This long-awaited follow-up to our software landmark, SimCity®, makes simulated real estate, in a word, realer. In it, you get multiple viewing angles. You get to import your old SimCities. You get to terraform your landscape. You get total control of a subterranean web of water pipes and subways. And you get it all in gripping, eye-imploding 3-D.

So pack up those old programs and move to SimCity 2000. Everything that started the SimCity revolution. In a vivid new evolution.

*More SimCity flavor - less salt. The desalinization plant pumps fresh water into pipes you lay in the new underground level.

Stop the presses! 2000 comes complete with a daily paper that may have you wanting to repeal the first amendment.

Take a bite out of crime. Build SimPrisons - along with SimHospitals, SimSchools and other city SimServices. The Ultimate City Simulator.*


Advertisement in Computer Gaming World, March 1994

Plan and build a thriving virtual city in a portable port of a legendary city-planning classic.

Destination Software has converted Sim City 2000 -- Will Wright's timeless city simulator classic -- to the GBA. As mayor and city planner, you'll have the challenge of transforming a single-stoplight Podunk into a massive, bustling metropolis. To succeed, you must strike a fine balance while laying down residential, commercial and industrial zones to shape the landscape of your city. When your village has become a town, you'll need to add emergency services, power plants, parks, museums and other buildings to expand your city and satisfy the needs of your sim citizens.

Features * Every aspect of city planning is carefully simulated, from the power grid to the budget. * Overcome natural disasters, nuclear meltdowns and alien invasions to save your city from certain doom. Or, if you're in an evil mood, watch and cackle as your urban masterpiece collapses in a series of disasters. * Lay out complex mass transit systems to maintain traffic flow and keep your commuters happy.

Bottom Line

Sim City 2000 is a superbly designed city simulator that suffers from less than stellar play control. The underlying game is fantastic -- and offers the same outstanding gameplay experience as it did a decade ago on the PC -- but the clunky and unwieldy GBA controls nearly scuttle the fun. In bigger cities, simply moving the molasses-dipped cursor can be a chore. If you're rabid about the prospect of Sim City on your GBA, and have the patience to watch the action unfold at a fairly slow pace, this game may be for you.

Source: - Game Boy Advance


Play god.

SimCity 2000 on PlayStation

"In short SimCity 2000 is a superb title that is going to keep you hooked." - Score 94% (CVG)

"It's no surprise to see SimCity 2000 holding onto the top spot." (PC Gamer)

"Lovely graphics and an involving simulation make this game a classic." (Mac Format)

"It's addictive... there are unlimited things you can do." (PC Works)

They said it. Now you can play it. For the first time, SimCity 2000 is available for the Sony PlayStation. With 3D graphics and a unique first person drive-through, the best selling simulation is now even better on the ultimate format. With Sony PlayStation you can play great games. With SimCity 2000 PSX, you can play with lives.


Play Magazine (March, 1997)

This morning, you approved a new solar power plant, designed an underground transportation system, and jumped five points in the polls. Then you raised taxes (and lost 10 points), read two local newspapers, built a zoo, a marina and a library, and pushed your education bill through the city council. It's time for lunch - unless, of course, there's a fire, tornado, earthquake or alien invasion...

SimCity 2000 really brings your city - and its resident Sims - to life. If this game were any more realistic, it'd be illegal to turn off.

*SimCity 2000 has all the features, flexibility, art, animation, and power you need to build the city of your dreams. *Your cities can be mammoth or minuscule, metro or retro, serene or silly, wonderful or weird - they're yours to do with as you please. *Totally customize your terrain from flat prairie land to mountain vistas. *Run subways and utilities underground without wasting land or compromising your aesthetics. *The local newspaper provides valuable information and keeps you in touch with your SimConstituents. *Scenario challenges include the 1991 Oakland fire, unemployment in Flint, Michigan, and Hurricane Hugo hits Charleston. *A multi-level interface makes SimCity 2000 easy to control - but with added depth just below the surface, waiting 'til you're ready for it. *Schools, hospitals, universities, libraries, museums, parks, zoos, stadiums, marinas, prisons, and more are yours to build. *Imports saved cities from SimCity and SimCity Classic.

"It's Sim-ply marvelous!" - Dennis Lynch, Chicago Tribune

"Everything that made SimCity good is back, and enhanced." - Todd Copilevitz, Dallas Morning News

"SimCity 2000 really seems to come alive." - Mark Potts, The Washington Post


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This morning you approved a new solar power plant, designed an underground transportation system, and jumped five points in the polls. Then you raised taxes (and lost 10 points), built a zoo and pushed your education bill through the city council. It's time for lunch --- unless, of course, there's a fire, earthquake or alien invasion. . .

  • Create and rule the city of your dreams --- or your nightmares.
  • Sculpt the terrain to form hills, valleys, mountain, plains, lakes, rivers, and even waterfalls.
  • The Sims that live in your cities are at your mercy. Rule wisely and fairly or face the consequences.
  • Build your own cities from ground up, or take a stab at the challenging scenarios --- earthquakes, fires, riots, tornadoes, and alien invasions will put your strategic gaming muscle to the test.
  • Once you've built a city, you can kick back and take a first-person 3-D cruise through it --- a special feature only on the PlayStation game console.


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